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Hairy And Handsome Jordan – By H2H-images

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I love it when we get an email from a fan of the blog who also happens to be a very creative and talented photographer. Many might not know it, but we actually have a lot of aspiring models and some very talented photographers who regularly check out the posts, and in this case one such photographer felt like getting in touch to share some of his recent work!

H2H-images was kind enough to send us these great photos of a rather well known model. You’re probably going to recognize this hunk too, because I recently featured him in another post of gorgeous hairy hunks naked in the wild (Hairy and Rugged Men). His name is Jordan, and he’s pretty popular with male nude photographers for his seductive confidence and teasing nature.

Of course, I probably don’t need to say much about how handsome and sexy he is, or how totally hot his body is. But I do need to say how great the images are. I love shoots like this where it’s all about the man in front of the lens, and Jordan is definitely the star of this collection.

Make sure you check out the H2H-images blog, trust me you’ll enjoy it, and I’m hoping H2H-images will be willing to share again in the future.

Please comment guys, show some love for sharing these 😉

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+3 rating, 3 votes)
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  • dik

    Very sexy and pleasing to the eye….,unfortunately can not to be touched.!!!
    too bad.

  • Rick

    I agree! Very hot Jordan. Would love to touch him everywhere.

  • tgf

    Jordan is very handsome, his nice bod aside, I love those tennis shoes! lol

  • Mark

    Very impressive; the natural body hair makes a big and positive difference.

  • eeone

    hallo everyone, who are not interested ? I’m not agree !!!

  • Tex

    I’m in fire, Jordan is hot.