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Hairy Abs Hotness

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What is the sexiest thing about a guys body? I know a lot of you are gonna have different opinions about that, and sometimes I can change my mind pretty easily when I’m confronted by a really impressive hunk like this dude. There are a lot of different things that I love about guys, from hairy legs to big round shoulders, chin dimples to thick forearms… but the treasure trail is almost always sexy. I don’t think I have ever seen a guy with a hot splash of fur over his abs that I have not found totally hot.

This dude photographed by Thomas Synnamon for Todd Sanfield underwear is a perfect example of that.

The guy is stunning, handsome and oh-so-sexy, but that scruff of fur from his waistband up over his hot abdomen is probably the sexiest thing about him.

Can you imagine feeling that, running your hands through it and feeling the hard muscle with all that roughness over it…? I know, you’re a little horny at the thought of that, right? Good, that was my intention 😉

Enjoy the pics. Unfortunately I only know that this models name is Justin. So if you know anything more about him (and you guys often do) then please let me know!

Hairy Abs Hotness (1)

Hairy Abs Hotness (2)

Hairy Abs Hotness (3)

Hairy Abs Hotness (4)

Hairy Abs Hotness (5)

Hairy Abs Hotness (6)

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+7 rating, 7 votes)
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  • Simon

    isn’t it Justin Clynes?

  • JAF

    His full name is Justin Clynes.

  • Michael

    This is Justin Clynes.

  • His name is Justin Clynes, and he is THE MOST SEXY, HAIRY AND BEAUTIFUL MAN ON EARTH!!!!! *o*

  • Ron

    This is Justin Clynes by Thomas Synnamon for Lash Magazine

  • dan

    justin clynes!

  • John

    A truly hot guy with a beautiful treasure trail. Thanks for sharing those pics. I do love underwear and bulges!!

  • Russ

    His name is Justin Clynes…and HOT only begins to describe him! One of my favorite moldels!

  • Conran

    Wow, you guys are amazing! It is indeed Justin Clynes. Even as I was writing it I was thinking that I’d added some pics of him before on the blog. Thanks guys! 😉

  • Jeff

    Justin Clynes, Thomas has taken lots of amazing pics of him. Enjoy

  • Rich

    Clynes is a photographer himself in New York. http://www.jclynesphotography.com. Best of luck in his career as a photographer but I hope he stays in front of the camera too. Does anyone else fantasize being a photographer or assistant on a shoot with a beautiful, slightly insecure, hot model?

  • dik

    yes that’s right is Justin Clynes, almost make me a big horny !!!

  • sizespec

    Luuubely 🙂

    I just came across this you might like and explore http://hotblackmen.blogspot.ca/2010/10/jethro-chery.html