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Thomas – Buff Hunk In Underwear

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Happy Sunday to all of you. I know most of you don’t see anything religious in today – and neither do I – but I certainly see it as a day of rest, kicking back and chilling out, maybe with some friends or family and maybe with a beer or two 😉

I was on the net early this morning looking for a gift for someone. The friend I told you about is moving in a couple of weeks, and he finally got around to telling me about it after posting it for everyone else to see on Facebook. So I decided to take the higher ground and just pretend that it doesn’t really matter (it does, of course). He’s now an acquaintance instead of a friend – I’ve demoted him. lol

I got distracted easily though. I think Google has caught on to my love of underwear and now pushes the ads at me wherever I go, and I ended up checking out these pics of buff hunk Thomas (something!) showing off some snug little undies in the sun.

The photographer is Christophe Aubry and the shoot was for Histoires d’Hommes. I just wish they would tell us a little more about the guy posing in these shots. I think companies like this are missing a trick by not sharing a little more info and getting guys interested in their models as well as their products. What say you?

P.S. What do I buy a previous best mate who is now an acquaintance and moving 200 miles away? I’m out of ideas.

Thomas - Buff Hunk In Underwear (1)

Thomas - Buff Hunk In Underwear (2)

Thomas - Buff Hunk In Underwear (3)

Thomas - Buff Hunk In Underwear (4)

Thomas - Buff Hunk In Underwear (5)

Thomas - Buff Hunk In Underwear (6)

Thomas - Buff Hunk In Underwear (7)

Thomas - Buff Hunk In Underwear (8)

Thomas - Buff Hunk In Underwear (9)

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+2 rating, 2 votes)
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  • W_

    An iPad, sou you guys can FaceTime?

  • Anonymous

    You really want to be the bigger man this time? I’m sure you’ll have some photos of the memorable times you spent together all these years. Print them, put them together in a small album and write at the bottom or back of each photo about the moment it was clicked and what you remember most about it. And then in the last page, tuck in a small note where you can honestly tell him what a ride its been spending all this time together, and that it genuinely hurt you that you had to find out from a third person that he was leaving, but you realize that all good things aren’t meant to last forever, and maybe that is what this is. But in any case you’d always want him to be happy and successful, and maybe stay in touch occasionally. Give a small keychain or stuffed toy about two friends being together along with it, and tell him to open it only when he reaches the new place. This is the best way you could honor your friendship. At least this is what I would do. Betrayals hurt alot when they happen, especially when the other person doesn’t even realize the mistake, but in the end we can’t hold on to the bitterness for long. Put in your best wishes and let it go.

  • Ryan

    You buy him a cookbook

  • Conran

    Ha, I don’t think his wife would like that very much. I think she sees me as a bad influence and perhaps that’s one of the reasons they’re leaving. To be honest, although she’s nice face to face, she’s a racist, and I find that most racists are also homophobic. Thanks for the suggestion though. I think I’d need to give him a week of lessons to learn how to use the thing 😉

  • Conran

    That’s a really nice idea.
    This is the kind of thing I would be inclined to do, but I know that it wouldn’t be received very well. He doesn’t do emotions. In the ten years I’ve known him we’ve hugged once, instigated by me, and that was awkward. lol
    Thanks for putting the thought into that suggestion, it definitely sounds like the kind of thing I would do.

  • Manny

    This guy is smokinnnnn!

  • Gary

    I say, don’t buy him anything! lol, he obviously didn’t care enough to tell you he’s leaving, so now why should you bother about getting him a present? Haha. that’s what I would do anyway. However IF you need to get him something, get him something boring like a book or a photo frame with a random picture in it. Don’t stress it and good luck! 🙂 Nice post btw!

  • Cody ‘Carebear’

    Ok. Well I know that nobody asked for my opinion…but I’m gonna give it anyway. First off, I think you should tell him that it hurt that you found out he was leaving over Facebook. Don’t make it long or very emotional though, just tell him how you feel and why you feel that way. You have to get how you feel off your chest or it’s just gonna stay bottled up and make the friendship worse in the long run. Now for the gift… For this I have a couple different ideas. One, the best way to show someone you love and care for them is to fix them something with love and care…so make him a food basket. Just take a plain picnic basket and fill it with good homemade food. That way they have good food to eat along the way or something to eat when they get to their new home ’cause I know after a long trip the last thing I wanna do is cook. Two, get him something that interests him. Get him a book about his favorite animal or a book about his native culture or a book about the planets and stars, etc. Or if you are into it you could get him an amulet for strength and guidence and protection, like the Eye of Horus. Third, if nothing else…you can never go wrong with a gift card. I hope I helped you come up with something. Just remember…as long as your gift comes from the heart it’ll be perfect. Good luck.