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I would like to thank another of our readers for informing me that the hunk appearing in a recent collection of pics is David Henao. So, Lex, thanks for that information, thanks to you I have been able to track down some more pics of this handsome muscled hunk for this post!

You know how some men seem almost designed to show off underwear? I know that those previous pics of him were slightly adjusted, but it certainly seems that he has the perfect bod and package for doing the job, with no manipulation required lol

I have been seeking a little more information on the hunk, but it seems to be quite limited. He's obviously done quite a lot of underwear modeling in the last few years, but I haven't been able to find out a lot about him as a person.

With some guys it can be all about the face, and others it can be all about the body. With David Henao it's the whole package. Although he's another smooth and buff hunk, and although I like my men to be a little more hairy and rugged, I definitely wouldn't mind spending some time with this guy! ;)

More Of David Henao (1) More Of David Henao (2) More Of David Henao (3) More Of David Henao (4) More Of David Henao (5) More Of David Henao (6)

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11 years ago

He’s from my city, Medellín Colombia, i believe he’s about 28 years old this are some of his personal accounts on social networks, he manage them by himself, simple, spiritual, likes to camp a lot in the countryside, or going to the regions with sea..down to earth beautiful man, He’s rumored to be gay… i haven’t found strong evidence beyond my wish it was true! Such a nice guy, u might get the signal he is