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Cut Or Uncut Men?

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Okay guys, as it’s Sunday, I thought I might start something new on the blog and get some of your opinions on things. I think we might look at maybe having some polls on here and seeing what all of us are into when it comes to the guys we find sexy, but I’ll let you know about that a little later.

In the meantime, I thought I’d get your opinions on the whole cut versus uncut debate.

I had to do it with some sexy pics of course, so you can scroll down and appreciate some uncut guys at your leisure.

So here’s the deal… I’ve been involved in a few debates on forums and groups over the last few months about the whole foreskin issue. I guess it was all kicked up again when Germany made moves to make it illegal to circumcise.

I saw a few people suggesting that they thought cut cocks look nicer, and then others saying that uncut cocks were natural and looked more interesting. Personally, while I think it’s wrong to circumcise guys at an age where they are not able to make the decision themselves, I don’t have a preference between enjoying guys who are cut, or guys who are intact. I love guys dicks either way.

But I do think it’s fun to play with a hooded guy, and I do think the uncut cock is a sexy sight. And as I’m uncut myself, I know how pleasurable it is.

So what say you guys? Is foreskin sexy for you or a turn-off in some way? I think I know which side most of you are going to be on! 😉

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+21 rating, 27 votes)
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  • Condoguy

    Cut myself, but I find uncut men very sexy as long as they know how to keep themselves clean. You would think it is basic common sense, but oh no! A real capital EWW!

  • Uncut forever

  • Bobby

    I am cut and wished I wasn’t. I do not discriminate against guys who are uncut. I like them either way. Cut cocks are prettier but you can’t judge a book by it’s foreskin! 🙂

  • bulleyed

    uncut FTW

  • wpgbiguy

    I think foreskins are a thing of beauty.
    They are natural part of who we are and should not be removed unless necessary.

  • amby

    Its beautiful, because its how nature intended it to be!

  • Charlie

    Uncut plsssss jaja love men with intact vergas

  • I am asian and uncut and like you feels it works for me both ways. Some guys looks really hot cut while other uncut. What you have here are surely damn HOT uncut guys. On a personal level, maybe cos I am uncut so prefer to look at cut guys. Also feels the cut guys usually look sexier on pics but you proof me wrong here on your collections. My vote goes to the guy in wet tee & the guy with the tattoo on his butt cheek.
    I too don’t agree for circumcision before the guy know what’s it all about. It is his penis so he should have the final choice. Being uncut, the is the joy of being on both side. SO my vote is 50/50.

  • Roy

    Most definitely uncut.

    Apart from the religious issues, I feel there’s an economical side to the defense of circumcision, allowing maternity hospitals to perform unnecessary surgery to get more money. And the cosmetics industry is using stem cells extracted from newborns’ foreskins, which puts a bit of more suspicion on the circumcision apology.

    Save for that point, I just find uncut ones more sexy.

  • Chris

    Im Danish! All men In the Kingdom of Denmark, Sweden and Norway are uncut. It is our culture, and like the Germans, we think circumcition is an unnecessary assult on boys. And thats what it is all about: culture. I truly belive it is wrong to make such an important decition on your small childs behalf. Let the boy decide it himself, when he grows older and know what it is all about. And just to get the facts straight, the dick do not smell when you are uncut (I know, because Im uncut myself, and I have made som Scientific experiments myself on others 🙂 But most important of all, there is no scientific evidence being uncut is unhygienic – if there is any trustworthy evidence – prove it, dont claim it. Of course there will always be some with problems, but that is also the case with uncuts. Last year we even had an accident with a muslim boy who lost his entire penis because of a mullah with bad experience. So that being said, why get it snipped- you even lose 20.000 nerves in the forskin in the operation. Why get an ugly scare with colour differences? You even risk to get complications with erection because you need the forskin to let the dick grow. And lets face it, its just sexy to pull back that forskin, like unwrapping a gift 🙂 and uncut guys can fuck just as long as uncut.

  • Tom

    Being American, we’re used to cut. It’s cleaner and probably because we’re used to it, more attractive.

  • Russ

    I prefer cut…but, as you pointed out in your preference…I am cut. I think a cut cock are a little sexier looking, but trust me when I say it isn’t a deal breaker! I wouldn’t turn down any of the men you posted here (can I start with the second to last…I’ll give him back in a day or four!).

  • JR

    Who doesn’t like to play with all that skin. I was asked to clip myself at 25, Thank God I didn’t listen to that Cocksucker!!

  • Sam

    I knew a close friend who would give the most horrified, blood curdling noise over an uncut dick. (And infact, have kick-out hotties because of their foreskin.) Idiot! Perhaps a cut cock is more aesthically lickable. For me, the bottom line is the love of a man, his masculinity with all his body parts (instead of letting some skin cum between the both of you).

  • Terry C.

    I’m uncut – thankful for the fact my parents don’t believe in genital mutilation. Yes, it’s slightly greater maintenance but there’s also great pleasure to be had to giving your dick a little more attention in the show: lathering up copiously, fully retracting the foreskin, soaping every groove… and the feeling when it’s the taunt skin gliding over the head, back and forth, instead of your hand. Or when the man giving you head knows how to do it properly, adding the foreskin to the mix – and then, there’s docking.

  • ohiogreg

    I like cut guys.

  • Anth

    I am uncut and I personally prefer cut. I don’t know why but I found it way more attracted to cut guys. I don’t mind uncut guys but cut guys seem hotter!

  • Matt Cruze

    I found this hot guy on [link removed] and he was uncut but put picks of his *ock that we’re cut then we meet up and it was a big surprise. So I went with it anyways and it was kind of weird but turned when he was rock hard it felt really good in me. So I am kind of on the border but prefer cut just to Anwser the question.

  • rosebudnv

    Uncut please!!! We are born perfect so why do doctors want to remove part of the boy’s body??? To make money that is why. Plain and simple. I was cut at birth and resent it every day. If the medical profession explains cutting off the foreskin is a preventative method- to prevent problems later, then why are they not recommending removing/ extracting the tonsils, appendix, gall bladder and spleen? These cause more problems than a foreskin!!!!!

  • TonyC

    I forgot to comment..that’s why this is so late…I don’t think I have ever had sex/been with an uncut man in my lifetime…I really don’t care and I guess if I went looking specifically for an uncut guy, I would eventual end up with one…but it’s just not an “issue” with me..and the the “uncut phase” came upon us a while back..everyone wanted an uncut guy…it would be interesting only because I have not tried it before..like RAW CLAMS :-)..I love..but it must give the person that extra sensation, that’s common sense and if you’re fucking, the other person gets more then a RIBBED CONDOM!


  • Ryan

    I have to admit, I have a uncut fetish, though it’s not a requirement since my husband is cut and has an Awesome cock!! I am semi-cut, so I kind of get the best of both sides! I also think it depends on the guy as well if an uncut cock looks hot on him. Someone above mentioned that being cut is cleaner, as an RN I can tell you cut or uncut both can be kept just as clean, just takes extra rime and care on the uncut guys part.
    I’ll also cast my favorite pic vote from above, I like pic 3,4,& 5, I like when you can see a good size head under the hood and I also like when the head shows a little!

  • Troy

    I am cut myself…
    However I prefer Uncut Men.

  • curious sixty two

    Circumcision is God’s first covenant with the Jewish people and, as a Christian, I abide by this tradition. And, oh, it is also cleaner. In fact, there is medical evidence that HIV is less likely to be transmitted by those who are circumcised. But, in the end (nice pun), all a cock represents to me is the “absence of the other” and that is all that matters.

    All that aside, the importance of a guy’s dick is so low on my list of “must haves”, it’s almost insane. He needs to be kind, intelligent, generous, beautiful, decent, loving and “there” for me as I am for him. And, the biggest dick of all creation cannot make up for the lack of any of these essential qualities.

  • Brian

    I was circumcised at age 12, without either my permission or that of my parents! It was done when I underwent surgery to correct an undescended testicle. I guess it wasn’t enough that this surgeon had already put me through the shock of weeks of testosterone shots, believing that my nut might descend on its own once I hit puberty, and thus forced it along quickly with the shots! Fortunately, I suppose, he snipped off only the end of my foreskin instead of doing a complete circumcision. This doctor (according to what he told my mother) believed that I would have problems with painful erections because my foreskin was too tight. If he’d asked, I could have told him that I knew from experience that he was wrong about this. Why any doctor (or parents) think they have the right to decide an infant’s or a child’s circumcision status is beyond my comprehension. Is it any surprise that as an adult, gay male, I have an absolute fetish when it comes to my preference for uncut men?

  • Patinet

    “Uncut” pour moi; c’est beaucoup plus agrĂ©able d’aller dĂ©couvrir le gland, de plus ce dernier est beaucoup plus sensible, donc plus de plaisir

  • Greg

    I don’t the like the feel or the taste of an uncut cock. Uncut cocks taste better. I also feel it looks better. I know a lot of guys are very sensitive about this topic. Luckily, there are enough people that do like it, that it really shouldn’t matter. Sometimes there can be so much of it, that it can be a deal breaker for me.

  • mtlmec

    J’adore un pĂ©nis “uncut”. Quand je regarde un pĂ©nis “cut”, je perde tout l’intĂ©rĂȘt. J’Ă©tais circoncis Ă  21 ans. Je n’avais pas de choix, j’avais une infection grave. Donc je sais c’est quoi ĂȘtre “uncut” et “cut”, et j’aime beaucoup plus “uncut” parce que c’est plus sensible, plus beau,, et plus le le “fun”. Heureusement, Ă  MontrĂ©al la plupart des hommes sont “uncut”.

    I love un uncut penis. When I look at a cut penis, I lose all interest. I was circumcised at age if 21. I didn’t have a choise, I had a serious infection. Therefore, I know what is to be uncut and cut, and I prefer uncut because it is more sensitive and it’s much more fun and beautiful. Luckily, in MontrĂ©al most of the men are uncut.

  • Rick

    like germans?…. I’m german myself and I’m cut btw. most in east germany are cut and in west germany are uncut. I’m from south germany and I’m cut. In Germany it’s mixed there are lots who are cut and lots who are uncut… so you can’t say that ciscumcition is an unnecessary assult on boys it was in the media because some parents have been doing it illegaly cause in germany you have to wait for your child to be 1 year old (it depends on the federal state you are living) for the circumcition.
    lol on unnecessary assult…. btw the studies says that men with cut dicks are more resistent to sexual deseases as uncut men and it’s more hygienic btw… just saying

  • trjc3rd

    In high school I played on the football team. After practice and games we would strip down naked and shower. I was the only guy on the team with an uncut cock. I felt ashamed and embarrassed because my cock was different than everybody else. It wasn’t until college did I experience other guys with uncut cocks. At last I felt like I fit in. I no longer felt different and it was great. Since then I embrace my uniqueness and am proud to be uncut. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

  • Conran

    It’s totally the reverse in the UK. Almost everyone is uncut, the cut guy would be the one standing out from the crowd.