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Cut Or Uncut Men?

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Okay guys, as it’s Sunday, I thought I might start something new on the blog and get some of your opinions on things. I think we might look at maybe having some polls on here and seeing what all of us are into when it comes to the guys we find sexy, but I’ll let you know about that a little later.

In the meantime, I thought I’d get your opinions on the whole cut versus uncut debate.

I had to do it with some sexy pics of course, so you can scroll down and appreciate some uncut guys at your leisure.

So here’s the deal… I’ve been involved in a few debates on forums and groups over the last few months about the whole foreskin issue. I guess it was all kicked up again when Germany made moves to make it illegal to circumcise.

I saw a few people suggesting that they thought cut cocks look nicer, and then others saying that uncut cocks were natural and looked more interesting. Personally, while I think it’s wrong to circumcise guys at an age where they are not able to make the decision themselves, I don’t have a preference between enjoying guys who are cut, or guys who are intact. I love guys dicks either way.

But I do think it’s fun to play with a hooded guy, and I do think the uncut cock is a sexy sight. And as I’m uncut myself, I know how pleasurable it is.

So what say you guys? Is foreskin sexy for you or a turn-off in some way? I think I know which side most of you are going to be on! 😉

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+22 rating, 30 votes)
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