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Andrew Skelton Naked – And Hung Too!

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Good afternoon fellas! As it’s a Monday and I have a feeling some of you might be feeling a little sorry for yourselves (no one likes the start of a new working week, unless you work in porn or a hand towels out in a locker room for a living lol) I thought I might cheer up your day with some awesome pics of Andrew Skelton naked!

I’ve only just discovered this gorgeous young hairy hunk, and when I saw some pics of him completely butt naked with his long uncut wang hanging out I just knew a lot of you guys would love to see him too.

I can’t actually tell you a great deal about this guy, because all the links I’ve followed are pretty much limited to some hot pics and no info, and a search on his name brings up furniture designers, singers and all sorts of other guys.

But I guess you don’t really need to know a whole lot once you’ve seen these pics of Andrew Skelton naked. The dude is hot, hairy and hung too. And the fact that he’s intact makes him even more delicious!

These shots were taken by the always awesome Rick Day. Peruse, enjoy, jerk off if you want to 😉

Andrew Skelton Naked - And Hung Too (1)

Andrew Skelton Naked - And Hung Too (2)

Andrew Skelton Naked - And Hung Too (3)

Andrew Skelton Naked - And Hung Too (4)

Andrew Skelton Naked - And Hung Too (5)

Andrew Skelton Naked - And Hung Too (6)

Andrew Skelton Naked - And Hung Too (7)

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+3 rating, 3 votes)
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    Good day ?
    I have seen this wonderful blog !
    This man is very pretty and sexy !
    I like my body and my sexo .
    This man has a long sexo ! mmmmm!!
    Very good pics also ?
    Sincerely and kissssssssssssssssss

  • zman

    andrew skelton is 22 years old, 5′ 11″ tall, and 165lbs with a 29″ waist

  • zman

    His name is Andrew Edward Skelton. He is a living, breathing piece of art. He is a model, photographer, makeup artist, and designer!

    Since June 2009 he has been commuting by bike. He is very athletic. Has backgrounds in Tae Kwon Do, Choir, Theater, Musical Theater, Swimming, Diving, Volleyball, Baseball, & Dance. He workout at least five days a week and stay on a strict diet.

  • tgf

    His chest is furry, huge and sexy! Handsome as alllll get out too!

  • TonyC

    I am the person on Planet Earth that likes somewhat smooth skin and he’s not BUTT he’s HOT HOT HOT..so maybe my tastes are changing??..thanks C


  • Robert G

    Absolutely amazing. Outstanding,very handsome and what an uncut cock!

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  • I like him <3

  • Jules1949

    I think he is great. For more of him see GayArtz.blog…