Steve Gold – Black And White

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First, I have to ask something completely unrelated to this post... How hot is it right now where you are?

I know talking about the weather is a little passée and perhaps bland, but seriously, I'm sweating like a whore in church here! We've gone from drought warnings to monsoon-like downpours and flooding, to high velocity winds and now a complete meltdown.

If my balls sag any lower I'll need to invest in some more "structural" underwear lol

Anyway, now that my little weather related rant is out of the way, I present to you some sexy and seductive images of the handsome and well-formed Steve Gold, taken for an editorial by photographer Karl Simone for Monologue. I think this set is a little old, but I had to get it on the blog when I saw these images.

I have a thing for good photography though, and when the subject is as sexy as Steve Gold you know I'm gonna be paying some attention to a shoot like this and wanting to spread it around a little.

As is often the case I feel almost obliged to tell you which of these photos I love the most, and it has to be this first one. I don't like the underwear very much, but that bulge is so sexy.

Steve Gold - Black And White (1)

Steve Gold - Black And White (2)

Steve Gold - Black And White (3)

Steve Gold - Black And White (4)

Steve Gold - Black And White (5)

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11 years ago

Well, you’re totally correct in all things today.

1st, I’m glad to have air con in the car, just to get out of the countrywide sauna.

2nd, This guy’s well worth posting and I thank you for doing so.

Neil Lawrence
Neil Lawrence
2 years ago

Steve Gold (Surname formerly Goldstien) started modelling when he was 17 years old. I saw an article in which he said that, he was always very grateful that his handsome looks and fit body was why he earned him a lot of money.

He said that although he was modelling for quite a few Top Designer Brands whilst he was modelling, because of of some of the outfits he was asked to wear he felt looked rather silly and stupid walking Up & Down the Catwalk.