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Benjamin Godfre – The Circus Freak

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What is it about Benjamin Godfre that we all adore so much?

While I think that list could end up being incredibly long, it kinda goes without saying that he’s so incredibly handsome, he has a great body, he’s adventurous and intelligent… oh, and he’s not scared to get his man junk out for his art either (or when he’s enjoying some alone time with an internet connection and a web cam! lol)

I was actually just browsing the net when I found these awesome pics from a new shoot by David Vance, titled “Circus Freak”. I think it’s obviously a play on words and all about the style, because Benjamin Godfre is far from being a freak! The only way he could possibly be considered a freak is if the entire Human population had suffered some immense disfiguring catastrophe!

Although some might almost automatically expect there to be some full-frontal nudity when this gorgeous young man is involved, he’s keeping it tame with some bulge and some buttock flashing. Not that we mind of course, he has one sexy bubble butt and that package is pretty famous already!

I can usually say when I have a favorite image in a collection, but with this one I really can’t.

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (-3 rating, 3 votes)
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  • Ryan

    He’s so pretty. Have loved him for years.

  • beaubrummell

    simply adorable

  • tgf

    Very classy guy, love him lots!

  • TonyC

    I follow him on his site ,he & his brother are just amazing and the sweetest guys..He’s in the process of taking pictures of new models and previewing them on his site..and he loves his weed, so there’s always fun happening.Medicinal weed is legal in California..next up is New Jersey ,which right next to NYC 🙂

    Happy Pride from NYC!!

  • markous

    me gusta mucho, tengo la impresión que le gusta el teatro, y debe ser un gran actor, saludos, deseo ser su amigo, si pueden en vielen mi correo gracias. saludos a todos, es un lindo o linda pagina esta me alegra el corazón .

  • Russ

    OMGodfe! I have been an admirer for years. He has the most amazing body and if his personality is anything like the one that comes thru in his photographs…yes…I’m in love!!!

  • rici

    How come no shot in hot trapeze tights showing that great bulge

  • Frank

    Nice to look at in the professional shots but once he opens his mouth in his videos, you can see he doesn’t have too much going on upstairs…! Not only is he completely vacuous, he smokes big fat unfiltered cigarettes. Yuck.

  • Conran