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Tomas Skoloudik Naked For Uomini

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I know we’ve just had a nude post with quite a lot of sexy pics of guys with their junk out, but in the process of putting that little collection together for you guys I rediscovered these awesome pics of Tomas Skoloudik naked for Uomini, and I had to get them on the blog as soon as possible when I realized I hadn’t shared them with you guys yet.

This young male model is one of the most gorgeous men I think I’ve ever seen, and I was quite surprised to see that there wasn’t any mention of him here yet. As you can see, he’s not one of those guys who is likely to shy away from appearing nude, and there’s absolutely no reason why he should either!

He’s just perfection, from his handsome face to his sexy little toes – and I’m not even into feet! lol

So for those who don’t know, Uomi is the name of the photo collection put together by D&G, with these pics taken by the immensely talented Mariano Vivanco. I love these images so much, and I have a feeling that those of you who haven’t seen them (or Tomas Skoloudik naked) before will be a little hooked on them too.

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+8 rating, 10 votes)
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  • tgf

    Where did he come from all this time? WOW! Thanks for posting his pics!

  • Conran

    You’re very welcome! 😉

  • Natural is so beautiful

  • FallenAngel

    Dig it..men with natural body hairs always makes me smile. 🙂 Just beautiful..sorry,got to be honest,I don’t like porn stars and porn..so nudity like this is def my cup of tea. 😉

  • olguita marina

    is he gay? i’ve seen a video of him sucking cock

  • john2

    I belive he is bisexual as from his Facebook status interested in men and women