Sexy Young Male Model In Underwear – Chris Petersen

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We've had the gorgeous young male model Chris Petersen on the blog before, when he was featured in a hot and sexy shoot with the equally delicious Dmitriy Tanner. Ever since then I've wanted to see more of this hot guy on the blog. So when I found these great shots of the stunner in his underwear taken by Joseph Sinclair I knew they were gonna be on here real quick!

I'm very glad to be able to say that the handsome young male model has a lot more flesh on show for this collection of pics. And of course, it's about the sexy bulge too. I think we have all established that seeing a hot young guy in his underwear is always gonna be horny, and I think shots like these can sometimes be even more erotic than full-on naked shoots.

Now, I'm not sure what the facial expressions are about, but they're funny nonetheless. I guess it shows his playful side and that he's pretty relaxed about showing it all off like that - or almost all. lol

Having said Chris Petersen is sexy like this, in his underwear, I certainly wouldn't be complaining if he ever did appear in a nude shoot. You guys will let me know if you find any pics like that, won't you? ;)

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12 years ago

He sure don`t take himself serious, looks HOT!