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Handsome Youth – Muscle Butt – Matteo Guarise!

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We have another brand new boy we’ve never had on the blog before, and when I saw some of these sexy shots out there I had to get him on here for you guys to enjoy. I think you know which of these pics is gonna be my favorite, right? Yep, it’s that butt shot, so hot and sexy! I do love a dude with a hot muscled butt like that! lol

So I’ve got a cool collection of shots for this one, but the sepia toned ones I believe are all by Jeremy Kost. I’m not entirely sure about the other more “fashionable” images, but they’re all pretty sexy and they definitely deserve to be here in this collection.

This lad has a bit of an unusual lifestyle in that he’s a professional roller skater as well as a model. I know it’s not unusual for a model to have other talents and skills, but I know most tend to be in fitness or work as a personal trainer. I don’t think we’ve had any skater boys on here who are also models too, have we?

Okay, who else is now certain that this is the kind of hot ass you get from that sport? And who else is now considering investing in a pair and reliving their youth for the sake of gaining a hot butt like that?! lol

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  • tgf

    The other guy in that one pic looks just as hot as him!

  • nudegayguy

    He’s got a real nice ass, which I’d play with while sucking him off and eating it.