Eurovision, Yonatan Wegman, And Hunks In Tighty Whities

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Okay, it's Sunday, and I'm a little bit hung over. So I'm gonna use that as an excuse for this quite unusual post that has a whole lot going on. It's not just gonna be about the really sexy French hunks in their tighty whities working out.

So you might know that the Eurovision Song Contest is coming up, and it's perhaps one of the gayest events in the international calendar over here in Europe. Do you guys in the USA watch it at all?

I've just seen the French entry mentioned on another blog and had to make some comments on it. First off it is packed with really gorgeous men in 1940's style military uniforms, and then in nothing but their little white underwear. There's a really sexy moment in the video where there are six hunks in their tighty whities in a room with only two beds. Oh, and there's a pig too...

I know, it's really messed up. But although a lot of guys might fixate on the six hunks in their underwear - with only two beds - I'm more concerned about what the pig is doing there.

You can always trust the Eurovision Song Contest to be a little bit unusual, but although I usually don't watch it, I'm thinking I will this year, just to see if Anggun has some sort of stage show too... hopefully with men in underwear, and no pigs. lol

I'm throwing in some shots of the gorgeous Israeli model Yonatan Wegman too, as he's featured in the video and most definitely deserves a mention!

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12 years ago

You had me at “Eurovision”.

12 years ago

Never heard of the event here in the US it sounds amazing. Then again, I don`t really pay much attention to the music scene much, but those pics are definitely amazing!