Getting Wet With Hyugo

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Time for some erotica, yes? I know you guys love it when I track down some pics of a really delicious guy baring all for the camera, and when I found these pics of the stunningly gorgeous Hyugo I knew you'd be up for a teasing solo shower scene! lol The guy is apparently a kick-boxer. So if you're wondering how a guy gets an awesome physique like that, now you know. I have to admit that I'm thinking of looking into some classes or something. Not because I really want that body (so to speak) but more because of the thought of guys like Hyugo being there and me getting to play with them ;) I believe that these images are by Greg Hirst, another awesome photographer who really manages to capture his models in some truly sexy and original situations. I think you guys know that I have a thing for sporty guys, and when I see collections of images like this it really gets my imagination going into overdrive. Enjoy the pics of this stunningly gorgeous hunk enjoying himself in the shower, and don't let yourself get too carried away - you can destroy a keyboard with just one misfire! lol Getting Wet With Hyugo 9  

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12 years ago

nice package! 😉