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You Know Him Already – Michael Biserta

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You might not remember (although I think a whole lot of you will remember it vividly) but Michael Biserta is the NY Fire Fighter made famous in 2007 after a video went viral featuring this hunky muscle dude naked, showing off his impressive schlong in a Guys Gone Wild video. You remember that? If I recall correctly, he had a bit of a reputation for having a big dick, and he decided to share it with some inquiring people and hauled it out. And wow, what a dick the dude has!

I’m a little bit suspicious, because the NYFD soon had a calendar out featuring this hot hunk too. Just good timing or did a clever and daring PR firm whisper in the dudes ear?

Well, either way, that video of him showing off his impressive man meat was globally famous for about a month, and since then things have just gotten even better for the dude too. What he might of thought was the end of a career (was he fired for that video? I’m not actually sure how that all went) actually turned into another far more profitable one.

The guy is now a model, sharing his delicious body and showing himself off in some really hot pics, as seen below.

Yeah, this dude is just my type. He looks like a bit of a bad boy, he’s so handsome and he has a really sexy bod. And to top it all off, he has a REALLY tasty looking dick! 😉

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (-1 rating, 1 votes)
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  • JAF

    Wonderful! Next step: shedding those Calvins! :-))

  • lars

    where I found his GGW video?

  • Conran

    It took a little searching, but I found it here

  • P

    Gosh, he’s a big boy! 😉 Very nice.

  • rjtopher

    damn this guy is totally hot and his dik is one for the record books lol
    where did he go after GGW?

  • Conran

    I think he went mainstream. As far as I can tell, he left the Fire Dept. and is now a model in NY. Although there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot out there about him. I plan to do a follow-up in a few days if I can dig up enough info. I’d love to find a full shoot featuring the guy.

  • CowboyDenver

    Actually it was a GIRLS Gone Wild video. It had been on youtube for awhile, but when the calendar came out and he was on the cover, it didn’t take long for the video to go viral. He was fired from the FDNY and they stopped doing calendars for awhile. Guess the video of him wrapping his dick around his wrist was just to much for the Commissioner.

  • Conran

    Ah, so they basically missed a massive marketing and promotion opportunity? LOL

  • Pity not all of our firemen look like him. It sad he had to leave..probably some felt a bit inferior (and envious) of his looks. – V

  • Danielle De la Garrza

    Guys , the dude is still a fireman. The department could not fire him because his nude vid came out YEARS BEFORE he was a firefighter. Hes now married to his and he and his wife still live out in Staten Island. His modelling career never really took off,but hes still one of FDNY’s finest.

  • Conran

    Oh, I read that he was a firefighter when the video was shot. Oh well, good to hear he’s still in his job! 😉

  • James

    His hairstyle is hideous. Oh god, I don’t know what’s gayer, that I look at his hair and puke or look at his cock and salivate. LOL.