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Random Nude Hunks – With Jamie Jewitt!

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In my last post I shared some really delicious pics of British male model Jamie Jewitt, and I added a really teasing pic of the guy nude but with a very offensive black spot covering the goodies. Well, I wanted to show you the unedited image, so check it out below.

Unfortunately, the gorgeous male model doesn’t seem to have very many nude images out there. perhaps this was a very limited one-off, or maybe he was just feeling suddenly daring? So to make up for that I’ve been trawling through the nude pics of some of the the other hot guys you all seemed to really enjoy. Yes, there’s a bit of cock in this post, and why not? It’s a good way to cheer guys up on a boring Tuesday!

You might notice that I’ve included a few of the handsome British hunk Adam Coussins (aka Jon Saunders aka David Jones lol) I know you guys really liked him the last time, so I thought that you might also like to see some hot dick pics too, if you haven’t been out searching the net for them already!

There’s a lot more out there of that guy too!
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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+7 rating, 9 votes)
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  • JAF

    The Jamie Jewitt shot is much more like it; he’s beautifully uncut. And thanks so much for the much better look at Scott Caan’s bits!

  • Conran

    You’re very welcome. I’ve been wanting to offer some nude shots of some of the guys for a while, but we have to take the nudity into account for those who just want to see the tame collections. It’s a good opportunity to share some nudity, so I think I’ll have to add some more in a little while!

  • 这个好帅的,

  • Gerry

    Mmmmm…Great pictures! Yes post more!

  • Sam

    Scott Caan’s Hawaii Five-O is more like a Hollywood High-Five! Awesome!!!

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  • JB

    lets have some more