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Gay 19 Year Old Jock Jayden Tyler

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I love Fridays. It’s been a quick week for me, and it totally flew past. So now the weekend is here I’m planning a couple of nights away with a buddy of mine at a hotel on the coast, and I’m really looking forward to it. Everything is packed and ready to go, we’re just making the hotel reservation and then we’ll be hitting the road.

I’m just checking out some of my favorite sites to see if there’s anything worth watching in the hotel late at night (free WiFi!) and I stumbled across this hot trailer of a really delicious young jock guy appearing on Randy Blue. Yeah, I think this is gonna be making an appearance on our weekend. The only problem is now that I’ve watched the trailer and seen the pics, I really wanna watch it now! 😉

Jayden Tyler might be a new guy on the site, but they’re not holding back the relevant info for this debut, telling us that the guy knows just what type of men turn him on. He loves “Nordic” looking guys. That’s blond hair and blue eyes basically, right? I can’t say I disagree with that, but I don’t tend to focus on those small things. It’s all about the guy himself for me.

Yeah, Jayden is one of those guys for me, simply hot and muscled and packed with youthful energy and horniness!

Young Jock Jerking Off - Jayden Tyler at Randy Blue

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+1 rating, 1 votes)
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  • Ben

    Guess no one at Randy Blue bothered to check that Jayden Tyler is a popular FEMALE porn star. Oops!

  • Steven

    Female? What?

  • AJ

    Ben means this: http://playmatehunter.com/jayden-tyler.html
    Or if you don’t trust links (which I totally understand) just Google Jayden Tyler.

  • Steven

    Ohhh gotcha. I thought you meant he had a sex change haha.

  • Conran

    It does amaze me when a porn site does something like that. One of the biggest fails was the hunk “D.O” at Raging. How are you supposed to build a cult following around an un-Google-able name like that!? lol

  • Mark

    Well, considering in the str8 porn the pay for males is about 1/3rd of what they get for gay porn and porn sites. He probably needed the money. Still cute!

  • Conran

    Yep, but I wonder why that is?

  • Phil

    His real name is Jeff Hebert.