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Wow, Yes Please! – Andre Ziehe

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Okay, I know I say that a guy is “versatile” and “handsome” quite a lot. And I also know that I have held back a little and only called about two or three men truly beautiful. But I’m about to do it again, and I think you’ll agree that this time it is certainly required!

Andre Ziehe is the guys name, and he has perhaps one of the most incredible faces and amazing bodies I think I have ever seen. He really does have the complete package, from head to toe. He’s another Brazilian model, with a tight and lean 6’2″ body that you know could totally overpower you if you wanted him to (yes, I know, me too!)

After appearing in Vogue Hommes International a few years ago his career suddenly took off and he was soon appearing for some of the biggest names in the business. Since then his popularity has just seemingly continued on quite nicely, with plenty of work coming in to keep the stunning guy busy.

He’s definitely versatile and can go from geek to jock and back again depending on his expression and the clothes he’s in (or not in!)

But although I do love the clean-cut Jock look, it won’t surprise a whole lot of you to know that I love his slightly rough appearance in some of these images. Do I have a fetish for stubble? Perhaps I do, I’ll have to look into that a little more.

In the meantime, agree with me or don’t, I think Andre Ziehe is truly beautiful, and I definitely wouldn’t be kicking him out of my bad on any day of the week!

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+1 rating, 1 votes)
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    the second picture from the top in color, I would never know that he’s Brazilian!..they have taken over the world and I AM SO HAPPY!..those eyes of his are just incredible,His body is “lanky” but looses it in clothes and PLEASE don’t touch it, it’s a natural look…he’s a beauty to add to anyone’s Runway!
    MUCH success to him!



  • João Stricker

    Andre Ziehe is a good looking gay guy, he plays the role very well . He has the gay look and that´s what it counts…

  • Komedor de Viadinho

    This guy is a FAG, Andre Ziehe is gay pet , guys fuck him a lot

  • Komedor de Viadinho

    Andre Ziehe play girl for guys he is a cock sucker in Brazil