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Benjamin Godfre Does It Again!

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Oh my, do I have a hot post for you today! I knew it was time for a little more nudity, so I went out on the hunt and found something new and truly amazing.

We’ve had some really teasing and tempting shots of the gorgeous Benjamin Godfre before, and they were very popular. But I really think these ones by excellent photographer Carl Proctor will really blow you away. Benjamin looks quite different with just a little bit of rugged fur on his face, but his body is the real joy here as he teases and barely hides all that sausage hanging between his legs! Of course, he gives it up in the last picture 🙂

Benjamin is no stranger to getting his dick out for the camera, as you know from the last post featuring him. But what you might not have known is that in recent months his popularity has seen new heights after discussion circulated about an anonymous jerk off video.

Unless there’s a hot guy out there with a birthmark on his thigh just like Benjamin, a few hundred thousand horny guys out there have been watching this delicious hunk jerking off and unloading his balls on his webcam! You know what they say – all publicity is good publicity (especially when it involves cock and a really hot male model!)

Benjamin Godfre nude by Carl Procter Benjamin Godfre nude by Carl Procter Benjamin Godfre nude by Carl Procter Benjamin Godfre nude by Carl Procter Benjamin Godfre nude by Carl Procter Benjamin Godfre nude by Carl Procter Benjamin Godfre nude by Carl Procter Benjamin Godfre nude by Carl Procter Benjamin Godfre nude by Carl Procter Benjamin Godfre nude by Carl Procter Benjamin Godfre nude by Carl Procter

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+8 rating, 8 votes)
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  • JAF

    Benjamin may “do it again” but he doesn’t do nearly enough of it. We need to see his entire cock in more than just one shot. He is FAR too stingy with it.

  • art

    you guys are missing out so much,
    he has tons tons of naked pictures where you can see his entire cock on his personal blog page.
    check it out , im not kidding. Gorgeous

  • Dannyboi2

    Oh, he has short movies out there that show him doing more than posing… This is nothing, and know he’s got some S&M whips and chains stuff circulating the net… I wonder what’s next?

  • Conran

    I’ve seen the jerk off video. 🙂
    And I have to admit I would definitely love to see more!

  • Conran

    I’m browsing for more as I type! 😉

  • john

    I love Benjamin SOOOOOOO MUCH.He is cute and sexy.Now I’m crazy about U

  • That’s great….I love so muchhhhh

  • I want to have your body Ben……,really make me…wouw.

  • MacGyvr

    JAF…all I can say is that you are SERIOUSLY missing out. Ben is ANYTHING but stingy with his cock 🙂


    I just signed onto his site(Benjamin)…what a fucking cool guy Benjamin is!..you can pay extra and get into the extras but I have not seen any porn stuff,even solo..it’s just about him,his life but very honest should you ask a question.(BTW: you do see SKIN ,when he does his workout etc and nudity cause he really is crazy, being a skateboarder..and does crazy wild things..so nudity is nothing for him)I will stick around for a month and then come back in another 4-6 months cause the rest of the site is free Benjamingodfre.com…I have been collecting all his pics forever..I don’t remember how I came upon his own site…but it’s FATE!..we should get MARRIED AND FALL IN LOVE!! HA HA!!…A STALKING FAN!..no only kidding Benjamin!!..I live in the midst of celebs & sometimes, I won’t mention names, they just do not like being EVEN looked at/saying Good Morning ,like a HUMAN!..for real, I run into these people at my gym but that personality is about 2% of that population..the rest are just amazing to have around when you’re taking a walk, working out..that hunk Hugh Jackman, was hosting the Tonys that year..I damn almost killed myself as I past him standing on a little stage setup for his weight lifting.I passed,looked to my left and I swore it was GOD! HA HA..but when you live in NYC, especially my area, you get soo used to it ,that they really do get their privacy cause we don’t give a shit..we’re NU YAWKERS!




    sorry..that should say TALKING not TAKING, at the end of my comment

    WHERE is this link to his video..PLEASE PLEASE…would love to just see it



    nice…. nice….nice….tis pics of Benjamin is wonderful


    siempre estás tan ocupado

  • Jake

    These pics are pretty good. If you want more of him look at GayArtz under naked top models!