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Stunning Model, Actor and Photographer Justin Clynes

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Isn’t it incredible how busy all these guys keep themselves? We often see fitness models who work in fashion too, are qualified Personal Trainers, play sports, act, sing… do these guys take any time to just kick back and jerk off? lol

Justin Clynes is one of those guys who didn’t stumble into modeling, and he wasn’t scouted either. At the age of just 19 he left his home in Boca Raton, FL, and headed to New York, with the intention and ambition to become a male model. And his leap of faith certainly paid off too, quickly being signed to work with Click Talent Management.

While starting out in his new career posing in front of the camera, he soon discovered an interest in acting too, and spent several years learning the art of being someone else – with conviction. That paid off too, and since those days of working to achieve his goals he’s worked as a model for some major brands including JCPenny, A&F, DKNY Underwear and Macy’s, to name a few. But his acting is also right up there, having appeared in Ugly Betty, CSI:NY and 30 Rock. But his talents spread to the stage too, appearing in A Chorus Line, Beauty and the Beast and the Full Monty. Of course there’s plenty more, but that’s for all the guys who might be wondering where they’ve seen this gorgeous hunk of manliness before.

Check out these pics, especially the ones with a little fuzz. Man I love that rugged hairy look! 🙂

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+3 rating, 3 votes)
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  • Armando

    Me encanta Justin, tiene un hermoso rostro y piernas velludas perfectas, de hecho todo su cuerpo es hermoso aunque le falta un poco de musculo en los pectorales.

  • James

    Oh my… Thank you for introducing me to my future lover! He’s perfect!

  • Joe

    As my mom used to say “He can park his shoes under my bedside anytime he wants” and I’d totally agree. This man is super gorgeous and such a hunk. I’d even eat his shoes.

  • Conran

    I’m not sure I’d go as fat as eating his shoes. But a little toe sucking wouldn’t immediately be turned down!
    Depends what I get in return, of course 😉

  • ROARY812



    ROARY —

  • Robby

    thanknyou these men are closer to looking like average guys. more more

  • 这个太美了,喜欢了,

  • Manu

    he is so handsome i love him

  • adk

    hmmmm, very handsome and sexy also, I’m interested with this guy 🙂