It’s In The Eyes – Ruben Cortada

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We have to thank the Cuban fashion house La Maison for bringing us such a remarkable man as Ruben Cortada. The guy is, quite honestly, sex on legs. While he has amazingly chiseled good looks and a fantastically lean and toned body, one of the most incredible aspects of this hunky specimen of male model-ness is in his fascinatingly beautiful eyes.

Piercing, deep and sparkling Green, he could get anything he wants with a simple gaze. Or at least he could from me! All it would take is a look in my direction and I would become a willing slave. Is that a little too extreme? I don't care, you can read a lot from a person by looking into their eyes, and as they say; the eyes are the window to the soul.

Signed to agencies in New York, London, Spain and Milan the 6' stunner started out in Barcelona, and quickly became one of the "go to" guys for some of the most globally recognized fashion brands around the world.

Now, if there's one thing I hate in photography it's the excessive use of airbrushing. Sure, you can understand that the odd imperfection here and there might be removed, but there's one image here that I was almost inclined to leave out because I feel it is completely over the top. I'm sure you can tell which one it is. When they reach that point they definitely loose something and you can tell that it barely resembles anything like the original image.

Enjoy the rest of the images though!

ruben cortada - Rugged and unshaven ruben cortada - Handsome Male Model ruben cortada - Gorgeous ruben cortada - Candid Male Model Shot ruben cortada - Polaroid shot ruben cortada - Wet ruben cortada - on the beach ruben cortada - love the tight shorts ruben cortada - a little too airbrushed  

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13 years ago

OMG…now that’s perfection!
I’ve seen him before, but didn’t know who he was!
Thanks GBB for featuring one of the HOTTEST MEN ON THE PLANET!!!