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Living in the UK, we don’t really do the whole “Jock” thing. For me it seems like a thoroughly American obsession, and I do believe that for many guys it’s almost a rite of passage for American boys to get their first jock, like a girl getting her first bra. Am I right in that or is this an out-dated view?

But, I do love them. I don’t own any myself, but I had the great privilege today to see a guy in the locker room at the gym with a really hot muscled butt framed by the straps of a jock. It was quite a shock, and I don’t think I have ever seen a guy in the locker room wearing one before. It was so surprising, and his muscle butt was so impressively sexy that I decided I might do a little shopping and invest myself, and perhaps see what all the fuss is about.

So, after my Internet travels when I got home I thought I might write a post featuring a collection of hot butts, some in Jocks and some without. I’m looking for a jock to buy at the moment, but being slightly distracted by all these really impressive butt pics. So now I’m sharing my sudden infatuation with you guys too, enjoy!

Curvy Butt Sexy Jock Ass Gorgeous Muscle Butt Twink Jock Butt Tight Muscle Butt Perfect Guys Butt Naked Jock Butt Hot Jock Bum Amateur Hairy Jock Butt Slippery Oiled Butt

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  • ohmyjosephine….

    that last shot is exquisite. that reese is a blessed man.


    The #! POST you have done!

    first..I am not into posing straps..some I do like in Vintage pictures, like with Joe Delasandro and the straps like this red one (last picture)..I like a good American jock, preferably by BIKE..and simmer’s JOCK by Bike cause it shows off more..it is just a sexy piece of clothing, that some take for granted…and less, is always more sexy as Gypsy Rose Lee said..Leave some on for the imagination!

    High School,NYC, 60s: me, shoulder length hair,thick eye glasses, just plain ole’ dorky looking, first day freshman High School..all boys on one side and all girls on the other(over 6,000 kids in this school, was HUGE and smack in the middle of a CEMETERY!!..HAHA) and to top it off, CATHOLIC BROTHERS(THEY were the ONES that screwed me for many years(figuratively) what sex meant),that taught us??!?!?) and it’s gym period, so they hand out permanent gym clothes.They then handed me this white looking thing, I put it ON MY HEAD and I DID NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THE JOCK”?? man, that led to years of fetishes of my men needing to wear it..and then till this day I still get a “tickle” in the fetish part of my brain when I have to wear a dance belt cause I got into dance classes and those are the best cause they leave NO FUCKING underwear line ,like a jockstrap would..but there is nothing made that compares to a swimmer’s jock and there is a company in Kentucky?? that has been making them forever, relatively unknown but still in business..there also used to be a site with just jocks, this guy collected from the beginning..like a friggin “JOCK MUSEUM” HA HA!! you would NOT believe this guys collection..haven;t seen it in years…and IF I meet another man, don’t EVER come at me wearing a JOCK and look INNOCENT cause I will make you into a SINNER!!:-).I have toned it down over the years but these pictures do IT for TONY!!.THANK YOU!


  • Conran

    Glad to be of service Tony, there are some pretty hot pictures here I have to admit. I never used to be much of an Ass Man, but I’m definitely becoming one! 🙂

  • 这个好啊,

  • Pumpndump

    The jock can be really hot when is wore by the right ass, I have seen guys in the locker room wearing them who i’d preferred not to have seen at all.

  • michael belovoskey


  • michael belovoskey

    Beautiful! Sexy

  • michael belovoskey

    Beautiful asses

  • mike belovoskey

    I love ass

  • michael belovoskey


  • michael belovoskey

    Sexy ass

  • michael belovoskey

    Nice asses

  • michael belovoskey

    Nice ass