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Another Top Model – Jon Kortajarena

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When I first saw Jon Kortajarena I immediately thought he reminded me a little of Russell Brand. Don’t you think they have that certain thing in common? I don’t know if it’s the eyes or cheekbones, or perhaps just the rugged stubble, but there’s definitely something that makes me think of Russell in some of his images. Of course, Jon Kortajarena is far more attractive, and it’s not really surprising that I can make that judgment considering he has been rated 8th in the worlds top Male Models – according to Forbes.

But they’re not alone in heaping such praise on the Spanish hottie, with MODELS.com rating him 7th in their top 25 of their The Money Guys list.

He is very handsome, and although I don’t go for skinny guys, he seems to have gained a little weight for some of his images. I hate this mentality that fashion models should be slim, it’s not right. In fact I think across the modeling world they are creating a false impression of what people are and what they want to be. I don’t know many men who want to be stick thin, so why promote products and clothes that way? Yes, guys want to be attractive, and it works to sell using that. But guys generally want to be beefy and built, so why not promote fashion on some really handsome and muscled guys?

I think the fashion world has consistently missed their market there.

Anyway, enough of my opinions on modeling and fashion. Enjoy this collection of pics featuring the handsome guy, and know that he likes interior design, watching independent films, reading, photography, sunbathing and mountain trips with friends. I’m not saying any of that means anything particularly, but I can dream – especially about the mountain trips 🙂

Jon Kortajarena - Movie Star Looks Jon Kortajarena - Slim Body Jon Kortajarena - Ruggedly handsome Jon Kortajarena - Nude Jon Kortajarena - Naked Jon Kortajarena - Handsome Jon Kortajarena - Gorgeous Jon Kortajarena - Foot Fetish Jon Kortajarena

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+1 rating, 1 votes)
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  • 浴血奋战室友那张最好

  • Boukephalos

    The difference between Russell Brand and Jon Kortajarena is that you don’t notice how quite alright Russell Brand actually looks because he’s being funny all the time but if Jon Kortajarena were to crack a joke the only thing you would notice is the way he looks (and a dim feeling of dehydration as a pool of drool starts to form below your face).

  • Sophia

    Jesus,hes beautiful