Plenty of Muscle – It’s RubHim

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Man, I love my job, but I've told you that before haven't I? The best part of my job is when I get preview access to some cool sites. And I love it :)

I'm pretty lucky that I work with a lot of guys out there on the net for so many different things, and I really enjoy working with them. But one of the perks is that I get to look at so many hot guys getting it on. I feel like a fanboy with a VIP pass at a concert! lol

So I had the chance to check out a cool site that I've been eying for a while now, mainly because ofย  that huge and hairy muscle dude Trace Michaels. If you've never seen him he's the one giving all the massages on the site. He's been seen around on a few sites in the past I think, but this one has to be the best. He's my favorite muscle daddy lol

As a lover of muscle and hot guys (along with everything else about the dudes) this site had me fascinated. It's basically Trace giving all these guys massages, and a whole lot more besides. Some of them are straight and some gay I guess, but he gets it on with them real good. And MAN the dude is HOT. Seriously.

I have to admit that I don't know which of the guys I'd rather be, Trace or the one getting a massage. It seems like every dude on that table is hot and fit,

So these shots are a little harder than we'd normally show, but it's such a hot site you kind of need to know what the deal is there, because I know it's one of those sites all you muscle lovers will want to check out. This shoot is from one of the first videos I believe, but you need to check out the rest of the site if this is something you're into. And I have a sneaky suspicion you are! lol

You can check out more over at

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (-2 rating, 2 votes)
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Uncut Henry
Uncut Henry
1 month ago

That brings back memories of me and my boyfriend