Hot Muscle Guy Rich Ryan

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I love it when a new guy joins one of my favorite sites. And this dude is definitely one I'll have to keep watching in the future (Oh I hope he comes back to play with some of the other guys!)

Randy Blue describes him as looking like one of those contestants on a straight reality TV show, but I'm not sure. But then again I don't watch them.

This 6 foot tall hunk of manly and decorated muscle has just the right amount of hair in all the right places, although at least one of those tattoos is possibly "ill advised". Can you see it? I have no idea what that's about, but is it cute or stupid? Of all the things you could have scrawled on your skin the word "Hey" with a smiley face would definitely not be on my list of considered body art lol

But each to his own I guess. I once saw a guy with a penis tattooed on his hand. I suppose it had a story, but I didn't stop to ask. Hmm, perhaps I should have, he was quite cute.

They suggest at the site that it would be good to see Rich having that delicious dick of his serviced by another dude, or have him bottom for one of the other guys, so I guess that means he's either bisexual or gay? Why do sites leave that out when they're introducing a new dude? It's definitely something that interests us, even if the shoot is a solo jerking one.

Anyway, enjoy this pic and trailer of his solo shoot, the first appearance over at RandyBlue. I have a feeling well be seeing more of this hunk soon!

Muscled Rich Ryan

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