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Cute and Ripped Miro Moreira

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Miro Moreira is one of those guys who is what I would call “unusually handsome”. He has that boyish look about him, and you can kind of imagine him being a bit of a geek in high school. And when I started reading up on him it turns out I was kind of right!

He describes himself as a bit of an ugly duckling, having had braces, being skinny and spotty. But he really blossomed, showing that no matter how self conscious you are as a teen, often all that falls away and you become something completely different.

Indeed, I recall a guy at school who was a real nerd, always picked on because of his glasses and untidy floppy hair. I always liked him and we got on really well, going camping together and playing Super Mario in our bedrooms 🙂

I don’t know how we originally lost contact, but I actually bumped into him in a club a couple of years ago and didn’t recognize him at all. It was amazing. If he hadn’t seen me and said hi I would have completely walked past him before heading back to try and chat him up!

He’s gorgeous now; lost the specs after laser treatment (although I love glasses on a guy), he was pumped up and toned, totally fit and really sexy! We keep in touch now and catch up maybe a couple of times a year.

Anyway, enough about all that, just enjoy the pics, mkay?

Miro Moreira - Boxers Miro Moreira - Wet Briefs Miro Moreira - Soapy Miro Moreira - Naked and Wet Miro Moreira - Coy and Naked Miro Moreira - In The Shower Miro Moreira - Hot Abs Miro Moreira - Naked Miro Moreira - Cute and Hot

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (0 rating, 4 votes)
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