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Blake Powell And Gabriel Cross

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Okay, so I relented. I was looking through the arty photography magazines and fitness blogs for some hot guys to feature when I “stumbled” across this update from RandyBlue, and I admit I was completely distracted and had to feature it here. But we like some porn now and then don’t we boys?

They do definitely fit in here, because both of these guys have great bodies worthy of a mention, and plenty more besides!

Blake Powell is the dark haired gym toned stud teaming up with Gabriel Cross for this video. He went straight into the hardcore at RandyBlue right after his solo video, screwing Roman Todd. Right from the start he was a really popular guy, and when you see this you’ll definitely know why that is.

Gabriel Cross, on the other hand, is an experienced dude on the site, having been in plenty of videos with the other guys in duo and group shoots. He’s a bit of a pro, and although he might look like a bit of a twink at first sight, once those clothes are off you find that he has a really muscled and athletic body, pale and supple and completely sexy.

I don’t normally like clean-cut and cute muscled guys, but these two definitely did something for me. I’m lucky enough to have access to the site, so I can assure you that the video is totally hot and raunchy. If you do decide to check it out and sign up make sure you go straight to Blake Powell’s first video where he’s solo and watch it all the way through. You’re in for a real treat! 🙂

Blake Powell and Gabriel Cross

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+1 rating, 1 votes)
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  1. Sirglenno says:

    you are hot

  2. oaksong says:

    They were going to do a comparative study at the U. of Washington in Seattle between guys who’ve watched porn and those who haven’t. The study was canceled when they couldn’t find any guys who had not watched porn.

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