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Model and Actor Travis Fimmel

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Okay, I couldn’t believe we hadn’t featured this dude before, and I was really surprised when I ran a search and couldn’t find any posts featuring this incredibly sexy young man.

Travis Fimmel is an Australian-born model and actor now living in the USA, and is perhaps most famous for his work as an underwear model for Calvin Klein. His gorgeous handsome features, great youthful body and (rather impressive) “additional attributes” soon had women and men swooning all over the world, with reports of his image on a London billboard causing accidents by distracted drivers!

Although he is best known for his modeling, Travis Fimmel prefers to be seen as an actor first. He’s appeared in numerous TV shows and movies including TV series Tarzan in 2003, Restraint and Surfer, Dude in 2008, amongst many other acting appearances playing a diverse collection of roles.

And all of this wouldn’t have been possible without a guy having seen him working on that great body of his back in a Melbourne gym. This led to him being immediately signed to LA Models in 2002.

It couldn’t be further from where he began as a football player back in Melbourne, where he broke his leg and was ruled out of playing professionally shortly after joining the pro AFL. Imagine that, seeing all your dreams destroyed, and then finding a whole new career able to offer far more opportunity!

I wonder if he appreciates having that injury now he looks back on where he could be right now?

Travis Fimmel - Pose Travis Fimmel - Shirtless Travis Fimmel - For Calvin Klein Travis Fimmel - Bulging Briefs Travis Fimmel - Sexy Travis Fimmel - Absolut Hunk Travis Fimmel - Soaking Wet Travis Fimmel - Sexy Youth Travis Fimmel - Chest Travis Fimmel - Bed


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11 Responses

  1. yagtaluda says:

    He is a true hottie. But the “Absolut Hunk” photo is of Jason Lewis, who was Samantha’s boyfriend on “Sex and the City”. They seen to be confused with each other all the time. Both are sexy as all get-out.

  2. Chris says:

    The Absolut Hunk is not Travis fimmel, it’s Jason Lewis from The Sex and the City series.

  3. Sassy says:

    Wow. It’s hard to envision this beauty as a footballer.
    He belongs in a harem. 😉

  4. jonjayh says:

    The model in the picture with the bottle of Absolut is actually Jason Lewis, not Travis Fimmel.

  5. ken says:

    The model in Vodka’s poster is not Travis. It is “Jason Lewis”
    It seems that a guy in speedo is not him as well.

  6. the absolut hunk guy is jason lewis. not travis fimmel.

    sorry that my first comment in a long time is a correction.

    also sorry that i gotta say: i don’t like guys with long hair. just not my thing.

    same goes with taylor kitsch

  7. Philippe says:

    Always charming! The Absolut Guy is not Travis Fimmel but an actor/model from Sex and the City.

  8. me says:

    Absolut Hunk is Jason Lewis, not Travis.

  9. Conran says:

    The things it takes to get some good commenting going! 🙂
    The Absolut image was added because I read a piece describing how the appearance of Jason Lewis in Sex and the City was inspired by Travis Fimmel. It seems the fictional character was created using him as inspiration. I don’t know how true that is, but it’s interesting.
    Well done for spotting him guys! 🙂

  10. tgf says:

    Travis is one hunk!!!!!!

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