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Marcus Mojo – Amazing Eyes

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Don’t let the title fool you, there’s a whole lot more to enjoy than just Marcus Mojo’s sexy eyes. But they really are incredible aren’t they? They’re like two sparkling diamonds, shining and glittering from that handsome face. They’re the kind of eyes I could get lost in.

I once met a guy who had the most incredible light blue eyes, it was almost like he was albino, and it took a lot of convincing for me to believe they weren’t contact lenses. He was goregous too, with dark hair and a hot muscled body.

Marcus Mojo has everything going on. He has an amazing body, such a handsome face, and a really nice attitude to life too. He’s bisexual, and loves performing on video as an adult star. And no, that body isn’t entirely gym built either, because he loves all kinds of sports from cycling to bowling.

While he has his own site (MarcusMojo.com), he often pops up on others too to get it on with some other guys, and girls.

These pics are courtesy of his own site, from two shoots where he poses and shows off his hot muscled bod for the camera. I have to admit, I love a smooth dude in tight underwear! 🙂

Marcus Mojo - Stripping Marcus Mojo - Teasing Marcus Mojo - Awesome Jock Body Marcus Mojo - Chilling Out Marcus Mojo - Gorgeous Eyes Marcus Mojo - Muscle Butt Marcus Mojo - Hot Muscle Marcus Mojo - Relaxing in Briefs Marcus Mojo - Suggestive

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+1 rating, 1 votes)
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  • rj

    The eyes have it for sure, but I am not sure there is much else to write home about lol.
    Perhaps he needs to show some frontal for us hungry skeptical boys out here.

  • sayed

    beautiful and cute

  • JAF

    There are plenty of full frontal shots of him out there, and stills of him in action with other boys and guys. He is outstanding.

  • Conran

    Oh I know, I’m a bit of a Mojo fan. Saving some more flesh for later though 😉


    Since I am dark skinned, BLUE eyes or any eye color(love green, hazel etc) other than my brown eyes, I DO like my eyes but nothing like this color..my Mom had blue eyes &my Dad was Polynesian…so I got the dark features 🙂 …2 pf my brothers have Hazel (greenish )eye color…GO figure!…really does it for me..if this guy looked me in the eyes, I would feel “weak in the knees” ..


  • Conran

    Glad I’m not the only one appreciative of some sexy eyes! Hottest for me definitely has to be the jet black hair and bright blue eyes combination. Hubba Hubba! lol

  • Herman

    I don’t think the body part that Marcus usually features is his eyes…

  • brendan

    He is really cute in an ugly way. Sexy-ugly. Incredible body too.

    But I have seen nudes…and his endowments are quite disappointingly sub-par.

  • booboo

    Well…you can have him for $400 an hour. He was in NYC last week selling his ass on Craigslist.