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Male Perfection by Photographer David Vance

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Few photographers out there in the world are as diverse as the talented David Vance, while maintaining his distinctive style while crossing from artistic to commercial. The images below are a collection gathered from the artists creative work over the years featuring a hot collection of young men in some amazing poses and incredible light.

With hints of classical style, David Vance manages to capture so much in the click of a button, whether that be the essence of masculinity, or the innocence of the subject. All of his models appear timeless and perfect, captured in a single moment and immediately frozen, to be remembered at the split second as the immaculate example of male beauty they are.

There are only a few photographers out there that I go bonkers for, and this guy has to be one of them, high up on the list. As an artist I want to transfer all of his images to canvas and hang them on my wall. As an amateur photographer myself I want to book some studio time and go hunting for a model to shoot, emulating this style. As a Human, and a man who appreciates other men, I drool! lol

Art is intended to communicate and inspire, and David Vance certainly achieves that with his images.

Statuesque Male Nude Amazing jock body Tattoo Hunk Athletic Nude Male Sculptured Male Nude Hunk Body Naked Philip Fusco by David Vance Classic Male Nude Beautiful Male Nude Ripped Muscle Body Beautiful Male Nude Image Athletic Pose Male

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+2 rating, 2 votes)
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  • Steven

    Beautiful photos!

  • Ryan

    Where do you find these? They’re AWESOME.

  • gene

    Crisp and spectacular. Simplicity and strength at its finest!!

  • ron

    beautifull photo’s. thanks to post them

  • Conran

    You’re very welcome! 🙂

  • joe

    where did you find these? This must be tongue-in-cheek, these have been all over the internet for years….I thought i was on a time machine for a second there.

  • Lucci

    Hi, I am a model and am looking for a nude photographer who does photos similar to these–very artistic, beautiful, non-pornographic professional photos. Shoot me an email with some of your work and maybe we could do a shoot together if you like my look as well.