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Long Overdue – It’s Matt Schiermeier

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I’ve just discovered this incredibly gorgeous young man by the name of Matt Schiermeier. And I’m quite surprised that I’ve never seen this incredible hunk of manly muscle before.

You probably know that I love some sexy muscle (obviously) and I especially like to see some muscle guys with some ink. I don’t know what it is about tattoo’s but seeing a hot guy with some art on his skin, especially if he’s built like Matt Schiermeier, it just makes me weak in the knees!

There is a whole back story to this guy, but primarily he’s an activist I guess. Although he is so handsome and so well-built, he is incredibly moral and driven to help others, creating an artistic outlet for himself and his partner while raising awareness and cold hard cash for HIV/AIDS research.

If there is a more perfect example of overcoming and achieving despite circumstance, I have yet to find it. This guy is positive, in both senses of the word. When he discovered that he was ill, instead of allowing it to defeat him, he changed. He changed his diet and his lifestyle and he remade himself. He became stronger, healthier, driven and self-empowered!

You can visit the site of Matt Schiermeier and Cameron Earnheart to read a lot more. It is definitely worth the visit!

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+3 rating, 3 votes)
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  • me2gorgeous4u

    Not my cup of tea but i can imagine how hot he is for you.

  • Tom

    Such a handsome man. It’s a pity he had to get all those tats. Dare I say it? It’s so white trash.

  • 这个强壮性感

  • robert

    just a handsome sexy man and a gorgeous butt and boyfriend eh he seems to have it all

  • Eva

    Absolutely gorgeous man, and ink … well I think it is totally lickable!

  • Dennis Rutter

    Chat with Matt and Cam almost everymorning! They are both sweet hearts!