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He’s Amazing – Lars Stephan

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I think I’m really on a roll this week, after finding a great photographer yesterday, I’ve just found another great artist and a model too. Lars Stephan is the German born photographer artist and model with an amazing physique and a great talent as a photographer.

Some may call it narcissistic, but Lars Stephan began his work photographing himself in nude shots which really display a raw talent, as well as a good-looking hunk who’s confident in himself. I don’t think it’s narcissism, as Lars states on his website, he sees images of himself without really seeing himself in them; he see’s the flaws in the artistic image or the signals which make it art, using his own body as a tool to develop his skills. And it’s something that most artists do, they just rarely share their personal self-portraits with an audience.

Personally I am very glad Lars has chosen to share his personal shots. And I don’t say that just because he’s a hot hunk and we get to see his dick. He really is talented, and being able to “get over yourself” enough to share them is a really positive step, showing he has faith in his own abilities.

Lars Stephan - GorgeousLars StephanLars Stephan - ButtLars Stephan - BulgeLars Stephan - AbsLars Stephan - BriefsLars Stephan - Naked

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+3 rating, 5 votes)
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  • Jose Foureaux

    To me… he is a perfect mix of beauty, lust and sex appeal!

  • Sassy

    Gorgeous man.

    He is quite talented, hope we see more from him.

  • JAF

    Love that last shot especially! Hope there will be more shots of him like that, and better!

  • Wow Awesome picture with beautiful body…:)

  • John

    The hair on the body of this well-toned man is fantastic. It’s shown to best advantage in his wonderful photography, esp. the 3rd and 4th shots. He could, however, stand to cut the hair on his head. It detracts from his otherwise very handsome face.

  • ricbear

    Oh yeah… this guy sends me into an orbit of lust! I’ve always had a thing for hairy theigh like his and similar body hair… and uncut besides! WOOF! ! !

  • That’s cool……,I am interested a nice pics.

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  • Jose Foureaux

    And again: he is a perfect dream!

  • rj

    wow, totally hot in every respect, beginning with the gorgeous treasure trail that takes one to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. awesome!!!!

  • nice-cute and sexy & more

  • McTavish

    He is awesome! He has a beautiful body and a nicely ample cock and balls. I love his uncut cock! His abs are gorgeous as are his legs and butt. In short, he is superbly sexy, very hot, and gorgeous!


  • luis de borbon

    Ya mi vida no sera igual despues de haberlo conocido.
    Es lo mas hermoso que he visto.
    Su cara y su cuerpo son perfectos.
    Sus musculos trabajados y todo el cuerpo en tension son hermosos.
    Desearia abrazarlo y estar alli largo tiempo en silencio sintiendo su calor.
    Por favor envien mas material.Gracias