Dave August – Mixed Pics

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Lovers of hunky men in tight little underwear will love these shots of the gorgeous Dave August. Primarily from DMK Designs, these shots again show some great artistic talent, with the contrast of dark background and bright and vibrant colours.

This incredibly gorgeous young man has everything in the right place, and to the right degree! A perfectly chiseled jaw with a beautiful masculine face, a great muscled torso with well-defined abs, a lovely round muscle butt, and... well, lets be frank here, he has a considerable bulge doesn't he?

I always wonder when they hire guys to pose in underwear or speedos whether they inquire first. You know, maybe the guy they're thinking of shooting doesn't have a lot going on down there, or maybe he has too much? What would they do then?

The gym I go to has these showers connected to the pool, so when I go through there after a workout there are usually a few swimmers coming in too, especially on busy days when the college guys are there (yes, my favorite days to go!) About two years ago there was one guy who was clearly in training for something. He must have been about 20, nice to look at and really well built. He didn't have a "swimmers build" but he had a great gym toned body.

Why do I mention him? Because his speedos were obviously new, and he possibly hadn't tried them on before. He had a huge package. His cock wasn't that big, but his balls were. And it just wasn't big enough for him. I was there taking a shower and he approached the bench a few feet away from me, lifted a foot up to dry it and his balls literally fell out of them. They were pretty big low-hangers, and they just slipped out and hung there for all to see.

It was pretty funny, but very hot.

Dave August - Blue Bulge Dave August - Blue Bulge 2 Dave August - Tight Butt Dave August - Green Package Dave August - Revealing More Dave August - Perfect Muscled Butt Dave August - Pink Package Dave August - Waiting For You              

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+3 rating, 7 votes)
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13 years ago

All of the DMK pics are at least 2 years old. Only the last two pics are new to me… I would love to see more pics of this hottie.

Lelaki Melayu
Lelaki Melayu
13 years ago

Nice body. 😉