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Young And Beautiful Jon Cossu

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When I was in college there was a young man who I would fantasize about every day. He was what most would call a preppy I guess, a bit of a geek with a sporty side.

While I was walking around with big boots and a leather jacket, he was the one in perfectly pressed shirts and jeans, or just shorts. I would hang around after spending two hours in an art class just to see him walking to the sports hall. He was gorgeous, stunning even. He had a typical European look about him with olive skin, short dark hair and deep and serious eyes.

I never really spoke to him other than saying hi when I passed him in the corridors, but he always at least shared a smile whenever we crossed paths.

Jon Cossu reminds me of him so much. Really, this guy could be his younger brother (maybe if he looked a little more European). He has that same serious look in his eye, focused and dedicated. Distracted and introverted I guess.

I read an article about Jon Cossu just a couple of days ago and he talks about how amazing it is to see his images around the Internet with people writing about him. He feels that this finally makes him a model.

Well, Jon, if you happen to read this post in one of your quests for affirmation, consider this an endorsement of your status as a model. Your images have caused me to remember similar beauty I’d found elsewhere and consigned to my memory, and for that I sincerely thank you!

Photos removed on model request.  Sorry guys!


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  • He has to be one of the most beautiful men I’ve ever seen.

  • Shannon

    Interesting that you mention how “happy” he says he is that people are writing about him and posting his images. Last week I received an email from him threatening legal action if I did not remove his images from my blog.

  • Steven

    Hmm perhaps he’s not as happy as Conran thought haha.

  • tony

    I am REALLY sorry to hear about that “legal” move by him Shannon…..the Internet is an entity that YOU MUST be aware of when you put your pictures on it. They . whether behind a password or not, are online as soon as you post them somewhere..I keep my blog just for friends , so I do it for them and a hobby, not a business at all…and I’ve always found it allot of fun…and the Internet has gotten more than that nowadays….if you want OFF the Internet, you can not have ONE IMAGE on it, it will leak somehow!…These pictures, were NOT done for a lover, friend etc….it’s a modeling posing , trying to sell his body image…get SMART BABY COSSU!


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  • I can understand Jon C getting ticked off about some of the ways that certain “GAYS” talk about him via referencing his images. I’m part of a rapidly growing group of guys who are all about respect & friendship; -And although many of our members are Same-Gender-Attracted, G0YS (what we call ourselves -spelled w. a zer0) think that the so-called”GAY male community” is composed of butt-pigs & pirates. The way lots of “GAYS” talk about guys like Cossu turns my stomach and if it wasn’t for the hard-line message of respect for masculinity that g0ys promote, -I’d be ashamed to let anyone know I prefer guys (because of the stigmas that “GAY” has brought upon itself). G0YS reject AnalSex & GenderBending; -And from what I can tell: It makes us incompatible with the vast majority of “GAYS”. No apology.

  • Conran

    I agree with Tony, if you’re in the business of using your image and look to make money, you should expect people to be discussing your body and your looks. You can’t have it both ways.
    As for models screaming about their images being used, it’s down to the photographer and not the model as far as I am aware (of course, there might be agreements made contrary to that). And, a model has to consider that if they are representing a brand in an image, they could be risking their career if they start a crusade against people sharing those images. It’s in a brands interest to get their logo and product out there, and if a model is interfering with that I can’t imagine many brands wanting to hire them and taking that risk of damaging their public perception.
    A good example of this is an adult site I have seen where a new model became a little homophobic towards a major gay blog for featuring some of his images. It was widely discussed and spread around the blogosphere. I have since heard that no studio will work with him because of his attitude to bloggers and the bad light it cast on a particular adult site.
    He didn’t understand how the business he was involved in worked, and he didn’t understand basic marketing and how his images would be used.

    As for the whole g0y thing, I have checked it out previously because I agreed with combating the stereotypes and the ethos of maintaining masculinity. I then found that it was very hypocritical, with the “g0y community” attacking others while demanding respect for their opinions too. Again, you can’t have it both ways. If a group wants to be seen as different and receive respect for the way they choose to live they can’t also be attacking others for the way they choose to live. It would be a great idea if it wasn’t for all the attacking and insulting I saw coming from the g0y site toward other communities.

  • Jon Cossu



  • Jon Cossu

    Remove this article, I am officially not giving you permission to write about me or my name .

    Take it off

    Jon Cossu

  • Conran

    Jon, your images had previously been removed as per your request. Although it is very disappointing to do so, we are of course willing to comply with reasonable requests.

    However, I will not accept being instructed to censor posts on this blog, especially when there is no reason to call for it. Writers are permitted to write about any subject, person or situation they wish, so long as it does not break the law.

    The above post does not breach law, and therefore your request is politely refused.

  • David

    Jon having your pics removed by this blog makes it all the more intriguing to do a web search where I found thousands of pics of you in various states of undress. Most likely these pics more tame than what I found on the web. Especially your mug shot for your arrest in 2008. Were these shots taken to pay your court costs?
    Just curious.