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Rafael A by Dylan Rosser

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Say “Hello” to Rafael A, photographed exquisitely by Photographer Dylan Rosser. Like I’ve said before, I really love contrast, and the vibrant red of the images below in comparison to Rafael’s tanned skin is just perfect in my opinion.

The man himself is perfection personified isn’t he? Dark and deep eyes, a slightly rough look, and really athletic and toned. I don’t really know much else about him, and that’s one of the pitfalls of models not using a full name. It really is a shame, because they could be missing out on a lot of work. Imagine a scout visits here and sees these images and thinks “He’d be perfect!” most would go straight to Google to find them. And without a name the only lead they have is Dylan Rosser.

So, a tip for all the aspiring models out there; use a full name, right from the start. Then people like me who love to share your beautiful images with others will be able to find you and have more to say about you too.

Again, tattoos. Do I have a fetish for ink? Possibly. But they’re only small ones. Speaking of small ones… it certainly isn’t!

Rafael A - Straight AheadRafael A - Peach Rafael A - Thumbs Up! Rafael A - Tight Butt Rafael A - Shoulders Rafael A - Closer Rafael A - Abs

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+1 rating, 1 votes)
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  • sayed

    wow ,he is so hot

  • sayed

    his body is very beautiful and cut,he has long penis and beautiful ass,wow

  • Jose Foureaux

    Well, sometimes the nature does things simply perfect!!! What a beautiful man!!!

  • Lelaki Melayu

    Love his butt. 🙂