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Leighton Stultz (Warning – Long Penis Pics Inside!)

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Okay, so I know we’ve featured this incredible model here before, but I’ve taken a look at those posts and some of the images I’ve found of this awesomely handsome, built and hung guy and noted a distinct discrepancy…

To rectify the imbalance, and because there seemed to be a nice response to the previous posts, I have decided to go all out and share some amazing pictures of this hunk in all his bare beauty. Now, before you scroll down to the images, I feel I must warn that you might find yourself becoming very hungry, extremely horny and probably a little jealous too.

I saw one of these images a long time ago and never knew who the guy was. I was fascinated by the image but couldn’t find the name to go with it. So I was extremely happy to find these pics on my search today, and finally discover that his name is Leighton Stultz.

And once I knew that, I was able to find a whole lot more too!

So, if you’re hoping for artistic beauty in photography, comments on prowess, design and lighting, you might want to come back tomorrow when normal service will resume. Until then, satisfy your baser desires with these amazing images of this young muscle dude and savour the moment.

Oh, and let me know what you think too. I want to hear if you enjoy these pics! 🙂

Leighton Stultz - Hot BodyLeighton Stultz - Suddenly ModestLeighton Stultz - Rude CurveLeighton Stultz - MeatyLeighton Stultz - I'll Hold That For You!Leighton Stultz - PosingLeighton Stultz - Obviously Not ColdLeighton Stultz - RelaxingLeighton Stultz - Black and White

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+34 rating, 46 votes)
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