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Chris Medina – Yeah, is he hot or what?!

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Chris Medina is an awesomely hot guy with an amazing body. But, if you can take your gaze away from those perfect abs and that sculpted chest for just a moment, look at those eyes!

Absolutely stunning, right?

Now, these great images are courtesy of Lujo Media, and they are fantastic aren’t they? They seem to capture Mr Medina perfectly, playing with light and shadow just enough to create the mood.

Now, a little about Chris… (I’m not a stalker, honest!)

This gorgeous and perfectly built specimen of manliness is quite humble and very down to earth; he doesn’t take things too seriously. While he’s inspired to always improve, he doesn’t let it control him, he lets it inspire him instead. You can tell when a guy spends every waking hour in the gym, mainly because they’re so exhausted! So it’s nice to see a guy with a great body who doesn’t let the working out control his life. He says it feels like work sometimes, and we don’t want to be working all the time do we? We all need some fun now and then!

If you ever visit Texas, keep your eyes open for Chris. And point him in my direction! 😉

Chris Medina  - Do you like it in bed?Chris Medina  - Do you like it standing up?Chris Medina - Do you like it on the floor?Chris Medina - Do you like it in your face?Chris Medina - Do you like it on your back?Chris Medina - Or do you just like it with me?

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