Brazilian Model David Jensen and his perfect bod

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After some short time off (for the birth of his cute son) floppy-haired David Jensen is back in business as one of the most popular male models for both photography and catwalk.

Working with some of the biggest names in the world, this young hunk is widely regarded as one of the sexiest, appearing in almost any "Top" list you can find.

The Brazilian model born in Rio De Janeiro has a great body, and from what I've read, a great outlook on life too. That's sexy, right? Just me then?

The pics I've chosen below are some of the best for showing off his toned bod. But this first one has to be a favourite. With his awesome abs and that perfect chest, he's definitely a favourite of mine! But that second one has something of the "George Michael" about it, doesn't it? Or maybe I'm just subconsciously recalling an old Wham! photo I saw in the 80's... oh the memories!

So now this young hunk is back in business, we look forward to seeing more of this hottie. Lets hope he does some more work modelling skimpy briefs, I could really do with some shots of that package! :)

David Jensen by Du BorsattoDavid Jensen David JensenDavid Jensen

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10 months ago

Pound my tight little ass–forever