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Shawn M by Tom Cullis

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Mike from over at Timoteo, has sent in some sexy shots of Shawn M, photographed by Tom Cullis. Promoting the Timoteo underwear line, Shawn is a new face and a young Marine who just got back from Iraq. What an interesting way to live your life after being out in a war zone. I’m sure most don’t come back to model a male’s underwear line, but I think the thought of that just ads to the appeal of this photo shoot. Enjoy this delicious photographic package straight from the battle fields of the middle east.


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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+1 rating, 1 votes)
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  • sassy

    Holy Shit.

    That boy is FINE.

  • TonyC

    OH MAN!…I love EVERYTHING about this guy EXCEPT that tattoo he choose for the shoulder area…just throws the entire body “OFF” for ME…so what I’ll have to do, is just look at him FROM THE FRONT!! 🙂

    TONY(NYC)….anyway,thanks for serving in Iraq…I appreciate that part

  • Fortunately for those who have a boyfriend like Shawn M, its so…..,

  • okrangler9

    Absolutely fantastic–in every way.

  • Sleek

    The dude deserves my service for his service. And I’m intrigued by the fine print tattoo on his left thigh. What’s that about?

  • armin

    very nice.i likes him

  • nik

    i love you and i want to kiss you. do you want to do sex with me?

  • he’s yummy enough to eat,lick,kiss allover his body

  • A

    Sorry guys this guy is also know as Bradley Lords from the hit showtime Gigolos.And he is not gay.