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Joel Evan Tye Part 2: Exposed and Full Frontal Nude for the holidays

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You were introduced to Joel in my last post, featured by Paragon Men, and in this next post, Joel is as you’ve never seen him before, no holds barred, fully frontal and nude for your enjoyment. Joel has a killer body and has the goods to prove it. Not shy at all this one, he’s a God when it comes to baring all, and his photos are nothing but amazing. With or without clothes, Joel is one to behold and not much more can be said that that. Enjoy the following massive set, pun intended.


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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+11 rating, 17 votes)
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  • JAF

    Talk about “The Perfect Gift.” This OUTSTANDING set is one of the BEST EVER on this Blog. THANK YOU!

  • kokoer

    i want HE to get his penis on my ASSHOLE

  • keny

    fuck me pls

  • sams

    extraordinary, unbelievable, treat to eyes

  • JVC

    HOT as always but I had hoped Part Two was the debut of some new nude photos he had done. These are old. HOT but old

  • Daniel

    He is perfectly lovely!

  • Robb

    First off, I wanna lick the watermelon seeds off of every inch of his body! I about lost it when I saw the first shot of his shaved cock…looks like something I’d wanna chow down on…

  • JAY

    I rarely leave comments BUT…. I’m a personal trainer and I have to say that this man is beyond exquisite! What a fucking body! Perfect proportions! And that face! I’d have him naked in a New York second and WEAR HIM OUT!! Thanks for all my new hot fantasies! I hope to see TONS more of this guy!

  • jeremy

    My poor, salivating mouth 🙂

  • kl

    It’s dead gorgeous!
    Well-built body with impeccably-grown dick
    Unforgettable eyes
    I can’t forget him for the lifetime…
    He’s dead perfect!

  • kl

    yet I don’t like him showing off his shoe…
    and moving his body unecessarily…

  • bcooper

    the shaved look…oh i would like to rub up against that greasy bod until we explode!

  • tonyc

    I’ll GO right for the low hangers between his legs , first…..hot man and thank you for compiling them all together

    Happy Holidays!

  • tonyc

    “KL”…I do NOT normally like pictures with footwear, FOOD etc….just not sexy to me, as it it for allot of people BUT That shot of his BOOT is very sexy, it’s well done and I love those bOOTS!…JESZUS…you could go BLIND, looking at HIM TOO MUCH!…STUNNING MAN AND YES IF YOU ARE IN NYC, you are my new personal trainer JOEL!!..IF you do that line of WORK!




  • J.E.T. is one of the hottest Paragon Men EVER.

  • -.-

    I do not know what all this “great cock”-thing is about!
    His cock is not “bigger” than any others. (Or my cock is somethig special…
    I really have to say that the pics are great. great work.
    He looks really hot and reminds me of Giles Marini, who is incredibly gorgeous! ♥
    Zack, it’s one of your greatest posts ever, I WANT MORE!!!

    (But I do not know what all this “great cock”-thing is about!
    His cock is not “bigger” than any others. (Or my cock is somethig special…))

  • DJ

    @-,- great cock doesnt mean it has to be this monster shlong. perfect for his build..

  • me2gorgeous4u2

    Damn fucking gorgeous man!

  • michael

    very good!

  • Eros


  • Every day,every time……,I just keep watching you have nice body.

  • sayed

    he is hot and cute
    he is perfect
    he is very beautiful,i love all his pictures

  • Joe

    That is one of the most perfect boners I have ever seen. It looks like it would be really comfortable to sit on. (By the way…those low hangers are beautiful too!)

  • anwar

    it,s very hot person…………..

  • rjtopher

    Am I mistaken but the various poses reflect a range of bush trimming from full bush to trimmed nicely to shaved completely. Each look is better than the next. uffgh!

  • joe

    OMG! What a beautiful man I think I just had a heart attack!

  • alarn

    U are grate

  • sam

    pretty spectacular ballsack

  • DavenSF

    So happy he got rid of the Madonna/Mystique throw aways from the previous post and finally showed he is a real man. Hot Hot Hot