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Hawaiian Hunk Paul Brumble

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This is truly one of the hottest Hawaiian Hunks I’ve come across in a long time… who am I kidding, I really have no one to compare him to, he’s just smokin’! Paul Brumble is a super sexy 21 year old model from Honolulu Hawaii, who just happens to have one of the most sexy stares on the face of this planet. Paul is not shy in front of the camera, having done a photo shoot for PlayGirl magazine. He was “real man of the month” where you can see him in all his glory so to speak, back in 2006. Paul is seen here in many photos by photographer Kurt Brown, so I must give credit to this talented photographer for capturing the unbelievable stunning Paul in all his glory. Hmm that’s twice I say that, must be something in the water!
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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+2 rating, 2 votes)
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  • Joel Jorgensen

    Paul is simply stunning and mezmerizing at the same time

  • JAF

    Thank you for starting to show a little bit of cock on this Blog. Keep it up.

  • Woody

    I’m with JAF, Zack: keep on giving us cock! It doesn’t have to be pervasive, but it really is nice to see some, especially on a hot ticket like Paul Brumble. Thanks!

  • Jim

    The body is really hunk, but the cock is poor a bit!



  • cd

    I have to say I disagree. There are millions of other places to see cock on the web–and a few of the last posts have been of obvious porn stars. That’s great and all but not why I visit here…

  • And that’s why I’m trying to appeal to all my readers, so for someone like CD I will continue to provide the type of content I’ve always been bringing.


  • Isthean

    Zack can do anything he wants. he is doing a bang up job as far as im concerned, and the male form is the male form , i like that he is taking from all sources. shame on you nay sayers his pictures are great quality thats why i come here and that hasnt changed at all still beautifull quality as always.

  • Andrew

    I agree with cd…I liked this blog for the high quality and tasteful photos…the porno stuff subverts the blog and makes it hackneyed 🙁

  • yanis

    so hot mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Steeeve

    @CD if these pics were put up and they didn’t have the cock shot you wouldn’t know this guy was a pornstar! He looks amazing in every shot and it confuses me why you don’t agree! Don’t want to start an argument but instead just make a point! I’ve always loved zacks on the site! I loved the tease that most of the models provide but it’s good for once getting to actually see the goods! I think this is a fantastic direction for the site!

    Major shout out and thank u to zack!


  • Thanks guys, for both sides of the argument.
    In fact I debated about this for a bit but I conducted a survey a while back and it was clear what my readers wanted.
    So I’m testing it out, trying to make it selectional, so you can stick to a category that you prefer (erotic tab) if you wish.

    I’m always open for suggestions too, nothing’s set in stone!

  • mrkacak68

    you have a grate body,good looking face and stunning eye.

  • Ian

    Nice looking bloke just a shame that this excessive man-scaping is becoming too popular these days.

  • robert

    he is a gorgeous man and I agree with others about the manscaping

  • rj topher

    omg so hot and not hesitant to show his hot package.
    gorgeous hunk in the full sense of the words

  • robert

    such a hot man what is he up to??