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Take A Dip With Austin Scoggin

Once again, I was absolutely certain that we’d seen Austin Scoggin on the Gay Body Blog before, but it seems this might be his first time here. Hopefully it won’t be his last, because this is a sexy shoot that we want to see leading to a lot more! I know what you’re gonna say… why the frown? He does...

The Hunky Form Of Handsome Renaldo (9) 0

The Hunky Form Of Handsome Renaldo

I only know him as Renaldo for this shoot by photographer Adrián C. Martín, but I would love to know more about him so that I can perhaps hunt down some more examples of the hunky and handsome guy showing off that immensely sexy body! The shoot is apparently called “Heat Wave” and although that concept is a little bit...

Adonis Omar Mohran (1) 0

Adonis Omar Mohran

If I start off by mentioning Egypt, you might think of the revolution. If I mention Russia, you’re probably thinking of homophobic law and then Edward Snowden. But in this instance I can mention both and have you thinking about something completely different. Meet Omar Mohran, a gorgeous Adonis of mixed heritage, with a hot combination of Russian and Egyptian...

Michael Phelps 4

Michael Phelps

Who would I be if I didn’t comment on the Olympics and the amazing feat accomplished by American, Michael Phelps. He of course won a record 8 Gold medals smashing many world records in the process. It doesn’t hurt also that he’s fun to watch easy on the eyes. Here are some great shots of this amazing athlete.

Swimmer’s Build 1

Swimmer’s Build

With the advent of the summer Olympics on the horizon, I’m reminded of the wonderful bodies we get to see during the games. Whether it be gymnastics, track or swimming, they all add to the excitement of watching the games! I can’t wait for August 8th!