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Sexy Twink Models River Viiperi and Eian Scully

It’s not often we have what I would call twink models on the Gay Body Blog, but in the case of gorgeous young guys River Viiperi and Eian Scully I think this really needed to be up on here. Both of these boys are favorites of mine, and yours too if I recall correctly, so seeing them both in a...


We All Want More Of River Viiperi

I know a lot of you probably think that the words twink and muscle don’t really go together, but the only alternative is using the word Twunk (apparently) and I really don’t like that word. So, I’m taking a stand here and I’m going to call young River Viiperi a muscle twink whether people like it or not lol That’s...


Muscle Twink River Viiperi

River Viiperi is another of those guys offered to me by one of my buddies. No, he wasn’t offered in that respect, however much I wish that were the case! No, I get emails and texts from buddies all the time. They know about my passion for hunting down some sexy men and sharing them around with you guys so...