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Top 5 Gay Movie Orgies!

How many peens is a crowd? Three? Four? Film and television directors have tackled this important question in titles like Dante’s Cove, Hustler White, Shortbus, Eating Out: All You Can Eat, and Interior. Leather Bar. Let’s take a NSFW look after the jump at some of the hottest and most memorable group scenes, all organized for you in a convenient playlist. Kevin Kramer and others in Hustler White....


Hollywood’s Hottest Hustlers

Hookers, Hustlers, Escorts, Male Prostitutes, Gay for Pay – there are no shortage of words to describe the word’s oldest profession.  If you are looking for a good time and have some extra cash these Hunky Hustlers get the (blow) job done. These men represent the best and tightest of on-screen prostitution perfection, and all have gone nude for their...


The Hottest Wank Scenes in Cinema

Whether you call it choking the chicken, spanking the monkey or buffing the banana there’s nothing hotter than seeing a gorgeous guy rub one out during some private time. Presenting the hottest real-life masturbation scenes in cinema right here. These hot pictures are just a sampler of the sausage party. Head here for the entire masturbatory playlist…and please be sure to clean up after 😉...