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We Will Always Want More Of Antoine Morieult

We’ve seen him three times this year already, but that’s certainly not enough. I have to be honest and say that sometimes you guys surprise me. Now and then I find a stunning dude who I could spend hours having dirty thoughts about, and you fellas just think he’s “meh”. I’m happy to say that on this occasion most of...


Getting Too Sexy With Giovanni Bonamy

Do you enjoy Monday mornings? Let me know in the comments if you woke up today eager to get started, or wanting to stay in bed for the rest of the day. I actually woke up this morning looking forward to the day, which is pretty unusual for me at the start of the week! I think it might have...


Smooth And Sexy Jock Model Giovanni Bonamy Looks Delicious

Giovanni Bonamy is one of those gorgeous male models who always seems to get a lot of attention on the Gay Body Blog, and with good reason. We’ve seen him a few times before, but if you didn’t see those shoots you should click and take a look. I’m guessing this shoot might be a little old. The last time...