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Top Ten Back To School Nude Scenes

School is officially back in session, and we found some students who already deserve detention. They’ve been bad, very bad. Below you will find the ten hottest school scenes from movies and television, including some of the best nude, gay sex, and masturbation scenes ever filmed. You could say that ass is in session. #10: Connor Swindells in Sex Education In...


13 Nude Celebrities Who Masturbated On Camera

Sometimes an actor needs to go further for a role than just showing some skin. Some of the biggest heartthrobs in Hollywood have masturbated on camera, and you can see thirteen of our favs in the act right here. Keep scrolling for The Boy Who Jerked AKA Daniel Radcliffe, the “it” celeb of 2023 Manu Rios, Hunger Games cutie Josh...


Elite is Back for More!

The salacious Spanish-language Netflix series Elite is back for an equally caliente Season Four. Elite is one of the hottest shows we’ve seen come through Netlflix, and the over half-dozen gorgeous actors who don’t mind stripping down and getting gay in front of the cameras might have something to do with it!  We can assure you that the new season delivers...