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Musclebound Hunk Jeff Seid Is Getting Bigger

Guys, I think we need to enjoy musclebound hunk Jeff Seid before he becomes a cartoon character. Yeah, I said it. He’s a gorgeous hunk, a sexy young man with an awesome body that we’ve enjoyed a couple of times on the blog before now, but it seems to me that this handsome jock dude is one of those men...

Not Rodney Crewman - Jeff Seid (1) 8

Not Rodney Crewman – Jeff Seid!

Okay guys, I made a slight error! In actual fact, let me qualify that and say that someone else made a slight error lol In my last post I presented some sexy pics of a hot young bodybuilding model that one of my friends sent me. And I should have known to look into it a little more. Because it...