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James Guardino And Tyler Lough (1) 2

James Guardino And Tyler Lough

I’ve often had fantasies about being tag teamed by two real horny jock guys, and after checking out this series of pics for Undergear back in 2010 I’m now thinking about what it would be like to be in the middle of James Guardino and Tyler Lough! lol We’ve had a post of pics of the gorgeous James Guardino before...

James Guardino - Showing Rim 7

Today I’m In Love With – James Guardino

My days are so hard. I spend a little time on the Internet, then go to the gym, ogle all the hot guys and maybe see a little hotness in the showers, come home and get back on the Internet, then write a little about the hot guys I’ve  found. It’s a really hard life huh? lol Anyway, it’s so...