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Sexy summer frat boy Hurley 5

Sexy summer frat boy Hurley

Summer really brings out the adorable guys with the amazing bodies. Lets face it, a lot of guys work hard all winter to be able to strut their stuff for the few warm months of the year where they can strip down to nothing more than a loose pair of shorts. Hurley is one of the adorable muscle jocks that...

John Micklow 3

John Micklow

The beautiful John Micklow is the All American Jock, who has a stunning body and amazing smile. I’ve featured this hot body in the past but I think he’s so adorable I am bringing him back in today’s post. John is all about fitness as well. He understands the importance of nutrition in his regiment, which has allowed him to...

Ode to Homoeroticism 1

Ode to Homoeroticism

The following photos are a few pics I found that are homoerotic. Not to mention absolutely yummy 😉