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Donte Thick And Scott Finn Flip Fuck Bareback

As I’m sure you can imagine, there are a lot of guys I love to watch in gay porn. I see a lot of it doing the job I do, but while a lot of sites seem to have interchangeable models all doing the same thing there are guys that really stand out for me now and then. Donte Thick...


Frat Boy Fuckers Donte Thick And Ty Thomas

Happy Hump Day everyone! Quite literally in this instance. We have some hardcore horny goodness for you guys to enjoy on the Gay Body Blog before I get to some handsome sexiness in the form of a gorgeous male model. To be hones, I think some of you might be distracted by this hardcore offering and checking out the site...


Donte Thick Plunges His Bareback Cock Into Massage Client Tyler Carver

A couple of days ago we had a hot massage porn scene on the Gay Body Blog, and I guess there’s some kind of fad about that now because I just saw this new one from the Next Door Raw site with gorgeous dudes Donte Thick and Tyler Carver, I knew you guys would appreciate this one too. We’ve seen...