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The Bulging Package Of Diego Arnary

We recently had the chance to enjoy the sight of gorgeous Diego Arnary naked, being less than shy about getting his cock out and showing it off for the world to enjoy, but I thought we deserved a little more of the guy on the Gay Body Blog and after looking around at a lot of his other shoots I...

Diego Arnary and Kirill Dowidoff together in the sun 3

Cock Out With Hairy Muscled Hunk Diego Arnary

We’re fast approaching the end of another week, and I have to say that I’m really looking forward to the weekend and enjoying some time off. It’s been one of those weeks where everything seems to be a little “off”, if you know what I mean? But, the sight of Diego Arnary naked and hard and showing it all to...

Another Hairy Hunk - Diego Arnary (1) 2

Another Hairy Hunk – Diego Arnary!

So, after previous complaints that we were leaning a little too far towards the hairy and inked men in the past (whaaaat? I know!), it seems that fur is back in fashion on the Gay Body Blog! lol After a recent post of a gorgeous hairy hunk, which received some nice attention from you guys, I thought I would follow...